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CTI Implementation & Business Security: What You Need to Know

CTI Implementation & Business Security: What You Need to Know
Increase revenue efficiency & streamline processes while maintaining security across your organization.

When you consider the defining features of a successful business enterprise and how they stand out from other organizations, two predominant qualities come to the surface – effective customer engagement strategies and operational efficiency.

Balancing these two objects isn’t easy, however, especially in today’s volatile business landscape. Today, more than ever, there is a growing need for companies to continue innovating their processes, adopt newer technologies to better their sales team performance and ensure their databases are kept up-to-date and secure. But how can businesses effectively bridge this gap, improving their internal processes to increase sales outreach while still maintaining database health and security? The solution is through CTI implementation.

How Can CTI Improve Your Operational Efficiency?

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a business communication solution that connects the dots between productive sales outreach programs and customer relationship management. When combined with a CRM solution like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, CTI can create a streamlined process for integrating inbound and outbound phone calls directly into your CRM.

Secure New Leads and Close More Business

Part of CTI integration into a CRM solution is the ability to incorporate intelligent dialers directly into your system. But these integrations are much more than a click-to-dial solution. CTI can significantly increase the number of leads and new business you secure, by creating a productive approach to monitored call frequency and volume, real-time sales agent coaching, and advanced business intelligence.

Better Overall Productivity

On average, sales teams spend 64% of their day performing administrative tasks that don’t directly relate to selling. Through CTI, sales teams can significantly reduce the amount of time they spend logging and updating customer interactions into their CRM and with some tools they can even automate other sales communications such as email or marketing automation. Connected telephony integration features limitless automation capabilities that let your sales team focus on what they’re good at – selling.


Business Security – Non-Native vs. Native CRM Integrations

Any time newer technology is adopted in a business environment, system integrity and data security becomes a primary concern – and rightly so. In the U.S alone, nearly 4,000 business a day are attacked by cybercriminals exploiting flaws in open source applications and third-party business solutions, making it essential that any CRM integration you choose is adequately sourced and carefully implemented.

When deciding on a CTI solution, it’s important to know the difference between native and non-native CRM solutions.

Non-Native Solutions

Non-native integration solutions for CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics live outside of the platform itself. These solutions are also known as “hybrid” apps and constructed and hosted on separate servers as your CMR solution. While the flexibility and accessibility of these third-party applications make them an attractive integration solution, it’s important to know that there are risks associated with their usage. Non-native applications use entirely different policies and security protocols when transferring and storing company data, making them a more significant risk for data security issues and system stability. Also, if these solutions were not designed specifically for the CRM you’re using, there can be issues with data synchronization, leading to system inaccuracy over time.

Native Solutions

Native solutions, on the other hand, are built directly on the CRM platform and share the same compliance and system security protocols as the hosted software solution. This enables seamless integration with CTI processes and other automation tools that help the user benefit from additional features in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Since there is no need to transfer data outside of the CRM when using a native integration, these solutions provide significant security benefits as everything is stored in one centralized location.


Overcoming Common Misconceptions about CTI

When considering if CTI is right for your business, there a few misconceptions about its implementation that are quickly addressed.

It Will Cost Too Much

CTI implementation solutions can be quite affordable depending on the needs of your organization. However, the value of these solutions is measured by much more than the integration costs alone. In fact, when considering that most companies see an increase in their sales outreach and conversion rates by more than 150%, the question becomes “can you afford NOT to invest in a CTI solution?”.

Features are Limited

The beauty of CTI is in its nearly infinite number of available features, all of which can be customized to support your sales team efforts. Whether your company is in need of quick-connect dialing, post-call process automation, intelligent caller routing, or call recording, CTI solutions can give your sales teams the tools they need to be successful while improving your operational processes.

Our System Can’t Support It

While not every CTI is created the same, most native solutions are designed to live within the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics environment, catering to the unique needs of your enterprise. CTI implementation is designed to take your current system processes and make them better through automation and consistency. The features and security that these solutions afford also helps to support full CRM adoption from sales and customer service teams and create a much more productive workforce.

Computer telephony integration is a powerful automation solution that gives businesses the ability to maximize the value of their CRM by incorporating smart call tracking that provides actionable intelligence across the customer experience. DialSource Denali is the only truly-native Salesforce CTI solution specifically designed to provide limitless automation under one secure data network. Find out more about how DialSource can add value to your CRM.


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