Reach Peak Sales Performance

DialSource Denali combines the power of a carrier-grade telephony stack with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to automate your call process, improve the customer experience and increase your sales productivity. All while tailored to your current CRM process.

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Automate Your Call Process

Unlock the power to do more with less. DialSource Denali’s limitless automation can complete 99% of post-call actions with one click, allowing your reps to consolidate a day’s worth of tasks into just one hour.

The average sales rep spends 64% of their time completing non-sales related tasks. With DialSource Denali, your sales team can regain their time to less time on annoying, data entry tasks and more time selling.


Improve the Customer Experience

Over 92% of sales and service interactions occur over the phone, but organizations often maintain CRM and telephony systems with separate datasets, screens, and processes.

As a result, customers get a disconnected experience. With DialSource Denali, all sales history, recent calls, and other interactions are combined into a single view inside your CRM, saving team’s valuable time and increasing overall satisfaction.


“[DialSource] has provided us with an efficiency 5 to 10 fold what we had before on our outbound efforts and we’ve seen immediate ROI – the tool really does pay for itself quickly. We’ve been pleased with the additional functionality that the Dialsource team has helped us implement in steady phases. I would recommend the product to any phone sales team.”

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Phillip Horn
Phillip Horn, VP Ticket Sales and Service
Sacramento Kings

Increase Your Sales Productivity

Besides eliminating tedious follow-up tasks and easily providing customer information, DialSource Denali equips your team for increased sales conversions. Call recordings turn into learning opportunities, and coaching occurs in real-time while on a call with potential customers.

With customizable live dashboards and your integrated CRM data, you can see where you’re doing well and where you need to improve. Both managers and reps will be able to spend more time on what matters most: improving your sales strategy and talking to customers.

Live Reporting

Tailored to Your Current CRM Processes

DialSource Denali is designed to fit into whatever work flows and processes you currently use. With unlimited custom fields in Salesforce to fit your unique needs, DialSource perfectly combines call-intelligence with your CRM data.

Our complete integration into your CRM also means your data is secured and accurate by design. Unlike other third-party applications, our architecture is built directly into your CRM. The native design allows DialSource Denali to keep your data private and secure in your CRM, and eliminates the possibility of errors and issues during data transfer.

Intelligent Routing