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Software as a Service (SaaS) applications deliver innovative services via the SalesForce AppExchange. These apps are divided into two classes: Native vs. Integrated. DialSource is currently the only dialer native to Salesforce.com on the global market. Here's why:


Integrated Applications exist on a fractured network. They run separate from the Salesforce.com platform, requiring off-site data storage. This level of loose integration creates severe security liabilities. Vulnerable data is left to fend for itself, outside the Salesforce cloud.

Native Applications are built from the ground up in Salesforce languages. All data is logged in real-time, seamlessly fusing sales information onto one database, one platform. The beauty lies in autonomy. No external servers or databases are in play, reducing security risks to zero.


  1. Exists within Salesforce.com architecture
  2. Scalable & fully-customizable with any sales cycle
  3. No data movement, no sync-time between systems
  4. No integration, IT approval or installation set-up
  5. Flawless compatibility with all third-party applications
  6. Stringent data protection
  7. Performance acceleration and automation
  8. Insightful dashboards, updated in real-time
  9. Impeccable service delivery with zero delay
  10. One user interface, one security profile – never leave Salesforce.com


Using DialSource, agents can update leads and populate custom fields within a millisecond – with flawless precision. Data’s average journey via Integrated Apps is a staggering 15-30 min. 

For integrated apps, intimate connections pushing data back and forth between application and cloud simply do not exist. Native Apps speak directly to Salesforce.com architecture, creating a rich user experience with seamless communication between computer and cloud.

See Native software in action.

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