4 Ways To Boost Your Sales Force Performance

4 Ways To Boost Your Sales Force Performance

Your CRM can be a great asset to your business. Not only is it central to all of your customer data and contacts, but the native reporting capabilities give organizations one of the most effective ways to report on organizational data using pre-built or custom reports to help create visibility among your coworkers and revenue teams. You can also use this data to create actionable metrics and dashboards that propel your business forward. However, not all companies are leveraging the full power of the platform. Here are tips to help you put your CRM to work in the best possible ways without overloading your sales reps with too much busy work and data entry.

Lead Rather Than Manage

Too many sales teams are over-managed without actual leadership. Leadership should enable SDRs (Sales Development Reps) to be more “human” throughout the entire sales process. Many managers rely on metrics and deadlines to drive performance instead of thinking up ways to motivate team members and reward them. Technology and metrics should support sound decision-making and automation should give SDRs more time to focus on the human side of sales rather than just the process.

Set Clear KPIs

Consistently successful businesses need to have their KPIs (key performance indicators) in place in order to measure and achieve their goals. Nothing is more important to sales makers than knowing what they need to get done and when. Having clear goals and analytics in place to measure them helps them keep their communication clear and their expectations well-defined so that they know what to aim for and see what the outcomes will be if they achieve it or don’t. A big part of clear KPI’s is also in the transparency of reports and the ability for a rep to monitor their own progress and success as they work toward reaching their goals.

Build Upon Your CRM

The CRM must be central to all of your processes. It’s best to have native apps and tools working within your CRM in order to streamline the touchpoints of communication between sales and customers. To improve efficiency, you need your reps working inside CRM and not moving back and forth across a number of different tools, windows, and platforms. The goal of CRM information is to provide an accurate “central point of truth” to ensure that your processes are functioning effectively.

Automate Processes

Salesforce.com states that 65% of a sales rep’s day is spent doing non-selling tasks. That is a giant impediment to the productivity of your sales team. The issues are mainly the burden of data entry, overly complex or disconnected processes, and bad tools. So instead of actually pursuing leads, sales reps are distracted by these time-consuming tasks. DialSource takes all of those tasks and eliminates busy work. The software takes tasks like updating a record, scheduling follow-ups, sending emails, etc. and automates the whole process through the CRM. After a call, a rep clicks a customizable pre-set button (disposition) that manages all follow-up tasks so they are free to move onto the next call. One click saves them time, boosts the number of leads they are able to pursue and ensures that the data is 100% complete and accurate.

Follow these tips to start unburdening your sales team and boosting your performance while still working inside CRM.


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