Are You Using Social Media to its Full Potential?

Are You Using Social Media to its Full Potential?

Before you jump into a pool you need to know how to swim first and the same applies to Social Media. Don’t expect to survive amongst the waves of content being published daily by other firms without some sort of strategy. Simply creating a twitter account that updates once a month does not entail thousands of followers overnight or even more, a steam of sales leads the following week. Building a social media presence starts from the bottom AKA the kiddy pool. So what should you consider about your strategy to become one of the big boys?

1. Not all pools are created equal.

There are millions of users out there on social media but only a pool of them will want or even consider what you are offering. How how do you fish out all of those people? First, define your target market, and figure out their preferences and pain points. Build your social media persona around who your customers are and what they want or need.

2. Figure out the right tools you need to swim.

You wouldn’t bring a surfboard to the community swimming pool would you? If your focus in sales are to the general consumer you would utilize platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to its full capabilities. If your sales market is to businesses you would focus your resources on LinkedIn instead. Strategically plan out which social channels to use and focus on to best reach and build a relationship with your target. 

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3. Are you practicing enough?

Becoming a good swimmer takes time and practice and so does your social media account. You need to nurture your account properly to achieve growth and to successfully attract sales. Post volume is important to attract consumers to fill your sales funnel. This doesn’t mean post as much as you can, disregarding content quality. Content should be attractive and relative to the sales target. Remember, quality over quantity.

Are you ready?

With these quick tips, cannonball into the water prepared to make an impact! Social Media is a great tool to get your company out there, but efforts are futile unless you are targeting the right audience. Remember, successful social media campaigns require time, but with the right nourishment and attention, it can be the ultimate tool to propelling your sales strategies.


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