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CRM Native Design

In the modern sales industry, a good Customer Relationship Management program (CRM) is more than a good idea for sales and service teams – it’s a de facto requirement to reaching the highest level of success. A good CRM helps in logging leads, contacts and opportunities, and in keeping those records updated. It also tracks every interaction with prospects and customers, keeping each individual’s history with your company present, regardless of any sort of shake-up from either end. Perhaps most importantly, with a CRM, all of this information stays in one place, creating a singular database that is always available throughout the company, rather than having information scattered across personal emails, call notes, and Excel sheets. Unifying and maintaining records and data is crucial to converting leads and keeping existing customers, and CRMs are designed to do just that.

As with any tool, it can take a little bit of know-how to get the most out of your CRM. Fortunately, if you use Salesforce (the most used CRM program in the world), there are hundreds of services, plugins and add-ons to make your CRM even more productive. For sales and service reps, however, there’s one service that stands out above the rest: DialSource. Why is that? Simple.

DialSource is the only cloud-based dialing solution that is written in the same programming languages as Salesforce.

That’s exactly why Dialsource is the No. 1 rated dialing solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, and the No. 8 rated application among all categories. Other solutions, such as Inside Sales or Five9, are add-ons; services layered on top of your CRM. But DialSource is built directly into Salesforce, creating a seamless sales acceleration experience that no one else can. With a CRM-native design, DialSource offers features that no other dialing solution designed for Salesforce can claim.

Complete CRM Customization

Being native to your CRM allows DialSource to interact with all of your customization and personalization as if it were Salesforce, because in a way, it is. This means full cooperation with your CRM from the get-go. Custom objects, fields, processes and workflows are all recognized and integrated into the DialSouce stack, creating a powerful and personal solution tailored to your needs and challenges. It’s not only your custom objects and flows that get folded in, though, but even other CRM applications, such as Pardot and Cirrus Insight. Implementing DialSource doesn’t mean you’ll have to do anything differently, just that you’ll do it better.

The true power that comes with seamless customization, however, is automation. Coupling directly with your CRM, DialSource offers the most efficient automation capabilities on the market. CRMs are designed to assist in tracking every interaction and transaction, and native design ensures you can do so by any metric you choose or create. DialSource’s automation combines the two ideas, and tracks everything for you. With custom dispositions, a click of a button updates standard and custom fields, such as call count and rating, schedules follow-up tasks, and even sends emails and voicemails. The dispositions can even be set to initiate workflows and processes or to fire off your other CRM apps, automating even more of your sales process. With CRM-native design and out of the box customization, DialSource reduces eight hours of post call activity into one by performing the standard and custom procedures that you set.

Real-time Performance

DialSource’s automation is an amazing feature that saves agents hours every day and allows them to focus on making calls and closing deals. Being written into the CRM makes that automation even more valuable. With integrated dialing solutions, data travels out to an external application or server, and then back to your CRM. Because DialSource operates within Salesforce, all of the information actually stays in your CRM. Every update and task happens right there, right then. It all happens in real time, with no lag. Simply refreshing your browser immediately after selecting a disposition shows that fields have been updated and tasks have been scheduled.

With this real-time performance, DialSource makes Salesforce reporting tools even more powerful. Run a report based on any standard and/or custom objects or fields, and then simply click to let DialSource instantly build and organize campaigns and call lists. Post-call automation updates every record as you move through lists, and because it’s happening in real time, those lists are automatically updating, so you’re always calling your best lead. Multiple intelligent dialing modes equip agents with the right tools for all phases of the sales cycle, whether generating leads, qualifying prospects, or following up with contacts. Real-time performance means you’re moving faster than ever, and post-call automation ensures that your dialer keeps up with you.

Unbeatable Data Security

By keeping all data within Salesforce with its CRM-native design, DialSource eliminates lag time. It also minimizes security risk. When integrated apps send data back and forth between Salesforce and their own cloud, that data is inherently more vulnerable. It’s occupying additional spaces, increasing the chances its space is compromised. Additionally, being built differently means integrated apps may not necessarily follow the same security settings and sharing protocols you have set and developed for you CRM. Native apps are precisely as secure as your own instance of Salesforce; your data never leaves your CRM and always complies with your own security settings.

Keeping your data secure is always important, of course, but especially so with DialSource. Why? Because with DialSource, your data becomes even more powerful, thanks to Predictive Analytics. These unique benefits of DialSource’s CRM-native design – seamless customization, extensive automation, real-time performance and stronger reporting capabilities – coalesce into a robust Predictive Analytics engine. As previously stated, the purpose of your CRM is to track, unify and store all records and interactions. Not only does DialSource automatically update and log standard and custom fields in real time, it actually uses that information to make every future call, email, and campaign more effective. When are individual contacts answering the phone? What content are they engaging with? How many conversations before they want to schedule a demo? DialSource tracks all of this information automatically as it updates those fields and objects, feeds it back to you, and uses it to organize lists and campaigns. This makes it easy to call the right leads, at the right time, the right amount of times. Knowledge is power and time is money, and with DialSource’s Predictive Analytics, you’ll find more of both.

A good CRM is a requirement for success in the modern sales industry. Finding the right supplementary applications allows you to get even more out of your CRM and find even more success. When examining those supplementary options, CRM-native applications hold clear advantages to integrated apps. If you’re using Salesforce, there’s really only one option if you’re looking for a native dialing solution. With unparalleled customization, real-time performance, and data security, DialSource offers exhaustive automation, better reporting, and intelligent analytics. Schedule a demo today to learn how DialSource can help you get the most out of your CRM.

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