The Importance of Establishing a Cadence in Sales

The Importance of Establishing a Cadence in Sales
In a lot of ways, sales is similar to a sport. If you've played much basketball, you know what it’s like to get in a rhythm. You make a couple shots in a row, your confidence builds, and before you know it — you’re in the zone. Sales is very much the same way. When you get in a rhythm while giving your sales pitch, conversations become much more natural, and transitioning from one prospect to the next becomes much smoother.

This is the effect of establishing a cadence. In inside sales, there are a lot of distractions. After each conversation, agents have to log the call, update custom fields, take notes, and perhaps write a personalized email or leave a voicemail if the situation calls for it. By the time you’re done with all these tedious tasks, you’ll often lose any momentum you had going for you in the previous conversation.

Don’t let your agents get “iced”

After reaching the Super Bowl with a regular-season record of 15-1, the Panthers have struggled this year, even since their season-opener. Playing the Broncos in a rematch of the Super Bowl, the Panthers got knocked out of their rhythm and haven’t found it since. The Panthers entered the fourth quarter with a 17-7 advantage. Despite conceding two more touchdowns, Carolina stayed competitive, hitting a field goal and managing the clock effectively to set-up a last-second game-winning field goal.

Graham Gano lined up and knocked the ball between the uprights from the 40-yard-line. He made it look easy. Just before the ball was snapped, however, Denver coach Gary Kubiak called a timeout. The play didn’t count. Gano would have to convert another field goal. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? He just did it. But now the rhythm was gone. Gano had a few seconds to repeat a play he had spent 10 minutes preparing for. The second attempt sailed left. The Broncos won 21-20, setting up the Panthers for one of their worst regular seasons in team history. Denver disrupted Carolina’s cadence, and they still haven’t picked it back up.

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DialSource: the agent’s key to a successful sales cadence

The solution is simple — if you eliminate the tedious tasks involved with inside sales and service, you’ll find yourself able to focus solely on those conversations.

This is a good thing for an obvious reason: conversations are what lead to closed deals and happy customers.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Providing the best customer experience possible by fully committing to quality conversation.

That’s exactly what DialSource’s Post-Call Automation allows. With a click of a button, you can log a call, update custom fields, deliver a personalized email or voicemail if need be, and you’re off to the next call. All of this would typically take about 5-10 minutes per call, which is more than enough time to lose your rhythm. Post-Call Automation enables a level of consistency that lets agents hit their stride with each and every call.

If you have a consistent stream of live conversations, you’re likely to have consistent results, and consistent results provide you with a system for success.

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