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Sales Emails: How to Perfect Your Email Follow-Up Strategy

How to Perfect Your Email Follow-Up Strategy

44% of sales reps give up on a lead after one follow-up.

The reason: discouragement and the pressure to meet quota. Sales reps have virtually never-ending call lists on their plate, and if one lead lacks promise, it’s natural to want to keep on moving through that list in order to meet quota.

The problem: 80% of closed deals require five follow-ups.

The bottom line: If you’re only writing one follow-up email, you simply won’t be successful in sales.

While a lack of persistence could be the culprit of follow-up failures, it’s highly possible that you’re just taking the wrong approach. In order to be successful in your follow-up efforts, you must be as personal and as considerate of the recipient as possible. There are multiple ways to do this.

Here are some suggestions for being successful in your follow-up efforts.


Write in a conversational tone and use the prospect’s name as often as possible. The more personalized your email is, the greater chance you have of getting your recipient to engage with you. In fact, studies have shown that personalization results in a 14% higher click-through rate and a 10% higher conversion rate.

Personalization starts with the subject line. According to research done by Convince and Convert, 33% of email recipients open emails merely because of the subject line. For this reason, make sure to include the recipient’s name in the subject line whenever possible. If you do, a study done by Retention Science suggests that you will have an open rate of 18.3%, as opposed to 15.7%.

Another useful method of personalizing your email is to re-emphasize your initial interaction with the recipient. If you’re able to jog the recipient’s memory in any way, and you write in a conversational tone throughout, your chances of at least getting a response become much greater.

Another great read: How to Craft Reply-Worthy Emails

Get to the point.

You have 5 seconds to get the average prospect to decide whether or not to read your email, according to R. Scott Frothingham, author of High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting. That is a very short window, so make sure to grab their attention as best you can in that 5 seconds.

Even if you’re lucky and your prospect does decide to read your email, it’s been proven that 65% of emails are opened first on a mobile device. Because only four to seven words can fit across a mobile screen, it’s best to write subject lines with fewer than nine characters and keep the body of the email as concise as possible.

All of the suggestions above are sure to increase your chances of getting your prospect’s interest in your emails. However, given the fact that it takes 5 emails to close most deals, how can you be personable and follow all the best practices multiple times for EACH prospect?

Check out this article as well: Why Your Reps Need a More Effective Follow-Up Strategy

The answer: automation.

Sales acceleration software (like DialSource) provides sales reps with the capability of personalizing emails for each stage in the sales process, adjusting them on-the-fly, and sending them with the click of a button as soon as a call ends (a number of other tasks can be automated as well). When you consider the mass amount of emails that need to be sent in order to reach that 5-email-per-prospect goal, this technology is essentially imperative.

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