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Agents in These Industries Need a Dialing Solution ASAP

Agents in These Industries Need a Dialing Solution ASAP
There are many verticals in which companies are looking for a competitive advantage in communications, yet many don’t realize that having CRM dialing software could be the perfect solution. Dialing software isn’t just for the typical call center or inside sales team; they can be used by any professional in need of an intelligent way of reaching large lists of people in the most personable way possible—through a phone call.

Here’s a look at some industries in which companies would benefit from augmenting their CRM with dialing software.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations each have their own respective mission, and in order to ensure the best chance of reaching their goals, they need to spread the word effectively while doing it efficiently.

With dialing software, like DialSource, nonprofits can power through call lists and target potential donors that are more inclined to help their cause.

What holds many back from considering the use of a dialing system is that because you need a CRM, which is typically meant for sales, that it’s not the right solution. However, a CRM is actually the perfect solution for targeting the right people to donate. In fact, that is exactly why the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce, has released a special version of its platform: Salesforce for Nonprofits.

Real Estate

Real estate is one industry in which an dialing software would be highly advantageous. With the collection of data that these systems provide, realtors can plan their strategy based on timely actionable intelligience.

Example Use Cases

  • If hosting an open house, a realtor could conduct a search within a chosen radius of the house’s zip code and spread the word.
  • If you just sold a house in a certain neighborhood, you could use data to target people in the area that are looking to sell their homes and let them know you’ve successfully sold property in that particular area. This would give a realtor a significant advantage over the competition, especially if he or she sold it at a good price. You could also use this tactic for finding expired real estate listings that you’d wish to handle.

Health Care

Compared to other industries, the health care vertical uses less IT in general. However, with today’s CRM technology, there is no better way to maintain relationships with patients than through the supplementary use of a CRM and dialing solution.

By using an advanced dialer—particularly a native dialer—within your CRM, you can flatten communications across care teams, resolve calls faster, build 1-to-1 relationships with patients at scale, and save money while doing it. The result? A network system with unmatched efficiency that is highly conducive towards improving healthcare and ultimately saving lives.

If you work at a healthcare facility or institutes that doesn’t currently operate with Salesforce, check out the CRM’s special healthcare edition.

Debt Collecting

Being a debt collector can be challenging. First of all, connection rates are often very low; you often have debtors that actively avoid calls or come up with excuses for why they can’t pay.

Low connection rates mean low collection rates. It’s for this reason that many agencies and credits adopt an auto-dialer.

The problem with auto-dialers, however, is that they make it very difficult to comply with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), which prohibits pre-recorded or auto-dialed communication without a recipient’s prior consent.

With a dialing solution like DialSource, collectors can maximize the number of calls they make while still being able to review each record before placing a call, thereby maximizing their collection rates in a more time-efficient manner.

Travel Agencies

With the slow death of the local travel agency, consumers are now more reliant on regional and national travel contact centers.

There’s no doubt about it: traveling is complex. So complex, in fact, that a study conducted by the I.B.M. Institute for Business Value shows that over 20% of travelers spend more than five hours on online travel research and booking. How can one avoid this headache? By conveniently calling a contact center with agents that are well-informed with the most up-to-date information.

If the contact center utilizes a comprehensive CRM solution, agents can provide travelers with a highly personalized customer experience. This is because these comprehensive CRM solutions are able to collect a wide range of data that can then be used to assist travelers with context and predict what they may be want in the future.

A CRM solution (with a native dialer in particular) is especially beneficial to travel call centers due to one major setback: they have horribly fragmented network systems. According to Virtual Hold Technology, the typical travel contact center has at least five digital and voice channels. This is not a system that allows for quality customer experiences. Travelers (and customers in general) want seamless engagement between multiple channels, and a sophisticated CRM system is essential towards providing that.


I mean, DialSource is a SaaS company, and if our sales reps weren’t using DialSource for themselves, we’d need a lot more of them.

Tech Startups

So you finally got the boll rolling on your new tech startup. You may have a few clients, and hopefully enough funding to gain some traction. How can you get the most traction out of that limited budget?

“An intelligent dialing solution”, would be the correct answer. By tracking all touchpoints with prospective clients, dialing through call lists in such a way that the most promising leads are called first, and automating all your post-call tasks (call logging, task updating, email sending, and the like), you are on the fast track towards realizing your startup goals.

Regardless of digital channels, the telephone is still the primary channel through which deals are closed—largely due to its direct and personal nature. By using an intelligent dialer, you can maximize efficiency in your use of the most effective communication channel there is in business—and if you’re trying to scale your start-up, you know that efficiency is of the upmost importance.

P.S. In case you thought Salesforce is too expensive for your budget, check out Salesforce for Startups.


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