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LA Film School Case Study

LA Film School Case Study

Located on Los Angeles’ historic Sunset Boulevard, The LA Film School (LAFS) is an accredited college helping the next generation of filmmakers, recording artists and managers achieve their dreams in the world of entertainment.

To help reach its enrollment goals, LAFS relies heavily on Salesforce to connect with leads, track conversions and gain valuable insights that help the college identify the best channels to allocate marketing resources.

As a for-profit college, however, LAFS is not allowed to judge the performance of its admissions team on enrollment rates. Instead, the school evaluates its 43 admissions reps on their customer service and adherence to processes—how they respond to inquiries for information, how they walk students through the enrollment process and how they enroll them into a program.

“Our reps trust DialSource. With our previous systems, that wasn’t the case,” said Diana Cuevas, Business Intelligence Manager for The Los Angeles Film School.

Without any automation technology, LAFS relied on its reps to manually track call outcomes, which often led to inaccurate data, and in turn, prevented managers from properly evaluating performance.

“We wanted more visibility into what our reps were doing,” Cuevas explained. “Just letting them log their own calls wasn’t really cutting it for us because it was leading to missing data, which made it really hard to evaluate our reps.”

LAFS realized they needed to invest in sales automation technology, but it took several attempts before they were able to find a solution that worked for their team.

“In the three years that we’ve had Salesforce, we’ve gone through three different dialers,” Cuevas said. “The first one was InsideSales.com and that didn’t work out for us. Then we switched to Five9, but that integration just wasn’t the best. It was really difficult and we had to do all kinds of workarounds just to get it to work with Salesforce. We didn’t want to deal with those issues anymore so we looked for a dialer that had the best integration with Salesforce and we found DialSource to be it.”

Unlike other third-party applications, DialSource Denali is built directly into the Salesforce platform architecture. This native design enables Denali to operate seamlessly within the CRM and allows for unlimited custom fields.

They say third time’s the charm, and with Denali, LAFS finally found a solution catered to its needs. Since its implementation in May 2017, Denali has played a key role in how LAFS successfully trains its admissions reps. “We have to evaluate pretty much on customer service so that’s where DialSource really helps us because we can coach our reps on how to really see if a student is a t for our school and vice-versa,” explained Cuevas.

“Having the ability to listen in, record calls and manage that way allows us to evaluate the rep on key processes: Are they providing students with the information that they requested? Are they walking them through the enrollment process correctly? Are they providing the best customer service so that the student is successful in the enrollment process and in attending that first course? That’s why having DialSource is really important for us.”

In addition to its robust training capabilities, Denali’s automated tools, like DS Connect, Campaigns and Dispositions, have helped LAFS see an immense boost in performance in just a short period of time.

“We went from averaging 2,000-5,000 calls per week with Five9 to now 14,000-20,000 calls per week with DialSource,” Cuevas said. “We’ve also seen the number of connections per week increase by up to 133%.”

This boost in rep performance has in turn translated into a significant increase in the number of enrollments for LAFS. “We’re currently on pace to see 48% growth in enrollment for our online programs.”

Beyond improving the efficiency of its admissions team, LAFS has also leveraged Denali’s automated call dispositions to gain actionable intelligence on the effectiveness of their lead sources. Each call has an outcome that can be viewed at an aggregate level for managers to reference when acquiring additional leads.

“Having calls logged with the correct dispositions helps our marketing department manage their lead vendors more effectively,” explained Cuevas. “If we see that a particular lead source is not leading to conversations, our marketing department is able to look at the vendor and see if we need to pursue a refund or seek out an alternative lead source.”

Cuevas believes a big part of their recent success is a result of how well LAFS has taken to DialSource. “Our reps trust DialSource. With our previous systems, that wasn’t the case.”

Like The Los Angeles Film School, your company can reach new levels of performance across both your inbound and outbound communications.


2020 AA-ISP Top Service Provider of The Year

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