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When It Comes To Providing Quality Service, Nothing Beats Live Agents

When It Comes To Providing Quality Service, Nothing Beats Live Agents

Automated customer service programs are still beneficial for call centers, however, and shouldn’t be overlooked entirely. The most powerful resolution programs equip customer service agents with CRM software like DialSource. With DialSource’s inbound calling capabilities, customers are routed directly to a relevant live agent. By automatically compiling and displaying important information on an individual customer basis, DialSource’s Live Dashboards give agents the resources they need to be informed of each customer’s needs, eliminating the need for the customer to provide tedious information multiple times for every call. With DialSource, automation is blended with live customer interaction, empowering agents to develop even stronger relationships with customers by providing them with the information they need and allowing them to maintain the perspective and personal context that only humans are capable of.

Automation and IVR vs Live Agents

Automation software and voice recognition have developed significantly over the last decade, but it still can’t solve every problem consumers face. Josh Lipton, Vice President of Technology for SpareFoot, told Tech Target that voice automation can be effective for resolving simple issues, like changing a password, but that when it comes to complicated requests, such as troubleshooting or looking for detailed, specific information, a human agent is needed. With the ubiquity of the internet, most companies have plenty of resources for solving simple issues available through their website, so if a customer decides to call a contact center, their problem is likely a more complex one. Incidentally, customer satisfaction is more important than ever before.

In 2010, Harris Interactive reported that 86 percent of consumers quit doing business with a company because of bad experiences with customer service, marking a 27 percent increase from the 59 percent of consumers who did so in 2007. Andrea J. Ayers, president of customer management of Convergys, wrote in a 2009 Forbes article that 78 percent of consumers believe that service is more important than personalized features, and that almost any leading brand can charge a premium by focusing heavily on customer service. In their customer experience study, “Customers 2020,” Walker Information, Inc. concluded that customer experience will serve as a more significant brand differentiator than price and product by 2020.

The Importance of Quality Customer Service

According to ADTech Global, an average contact center agent answers 50 calls per day, meaning each agent is engaging in 54 million contact points with consumers each year. As it is increasingly likely for customers to abandon a company based on poor customer service, it is vital for companies to have effective customer care centers, particularly when support agents have ample opportunity to develop the company’s brand on the front line.

Maintaining a high level of support is critical when it comes to customer satisfaction. Failing to do so is most often due to ineffective or unprepared customer care agents. Harris Interactive reported that according to consumers, agents failed to answer 50 percent of their questions, and ContactPoint Client Research claimed that agents ask for the customer’s name only 21 percent of the time, despite the benefit that simple question can have on the customer’s experience. DialSource’s Live-call Monitoring and Auto Call Recording give managers tools to ensure their agents are maximizing their opportunities to take care of customers and to further train those agents. Whisper Mode even allows managers to listen in and subtly coach agents on live calls.

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Finding a Balance

IVR support systems will not replace your contact center agents any time soon. However, intelligent programs can help your customer service agents offer customers a higher level of satisfaction. DialSource offers many resources to empower your agents and improve customer experience through powerful automation. Inbound calling capabilities route customers directly to the right agents, while Live Dashboards provide those agents with the information to better assist those customers. Live-call monitoring, Auto Call Recording and Whisper Mode offer managers tools to better train and assist their agents. Give your customer care agents an even greater opportunity for success with your customers by integrating DialSource into your customer contact center.

2020 AA-ISP Top Service Provider of The Year

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