Organize Your Day With Campaign Schedules

Organize Your Day With Campaign Schedules
With Campaign Schedules, you can organize the day of your entire sales team.

The average sales representative spends almost half their day deciding what to do next. Digging around in your CRM to see who to should call. Reading the call history to see if it’s too soon to contact them again. Coordinating call lists with others on the team to make sure that a lead isn’t called by several people at once.

DialSource brought order to this chaos with Campaigns, distributing contacts from reports to your reps to help them organize their calling. Watching how our customers use campaigns, we’ve found that sales agents were looking for a better way to learn which campaign to work at any given time. Paper notes or calendar reminders can only add so much efficiency to the process. What our customers were missing was a way to manage their calling workflow.

Shipping today, Campaign Scheduler brings two giant improvements to how you manage your campaigns in DialSource. Campaigns can now have a start and stop time, based on where your agents are. And you can now link campaigns together so that one doesn’t start until you empty the previous one out. For formal Documentation, check out the Admin Guide on BaseCamp

Organize your sales agents’ day by setting up a series of cascading campaigns. Reps that arrive early can start the day working all the price quote requests that came in overnight. Then switch to the top-scored leads for your Power Hour at 10 am. At 11, go to your follow-ups from last week until you have called them all. Then work the recycled leads until 2 pm.


All this happens automatically, without your reps needing to switch campaigns or figure out what to start on next. You’re in complete control over the priority of each campaign and when your agents should start and stop dialing.

As a manager, you can create complex schedules for your campaigns. Every campaign has a start and stop time. Once a campaign runs out of records, DialSource serves the next campaign to your agents.

With Campaign Schedules, you can organize the day of your entire sales team. Constantly present your sales reps with the next best action for them to take. Improve the speed and consistency of your agents’ activity. And because it’s from DialSource, you can be sure that we’re tracking and reporting on it all.


Organize Your Day With Campaign Schedules