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Does Your Phone System Live in a Silo?

Does Your Phone System Live in a Silo?
An organization’s telephone system can improve overall communication if you connect your telephony to the data and capabilities of CRM. Otherwise, a sales team will face duplicate work, daunting task lists, and missed opportunities. Here's an overview of how telephony software can help make your agents' sales and service process more efficient.

Today’s sales reps are more digital than ever before. Hundreds of technologies are available for sales teams to sell more, better and faster. But many companies are creating layered sales tech stacks that don’t talk to each other. This is specifically a challenge when it comes to telephony software.

Telephony, or software built to manage or expedite calls with prospects and customers, is the crux of the sales rep’s toolset. According to Salesforce.com, “more than 92 percent of all sales activities and service interactions occur on the phone,” which means that an organization’s telephone tech can improve overall communication if we connect our telephony to the data and capabilities of CRM. Otherwise, a sales team will face duplicate work, daunting task lists, and missed opportunities.

Why Telephony Software Plays a Critical Role in Sales

There’s been a lot of criticism about telephony software as it relates to the sales process. While the telephone plays such a critical role in sales, reps still have to spend too much time before and after a call completing menial tasks. We’re getting closer to a fully automated sales call process. For example, tech already exists to automate many pre- and post-call activities like automated voicemail dropping, post-call follow-ups, and click-to-call. These tools are no doubt improving the efficiencies of modern sales teams, but there’s still room to grow.

One of those areas for growth is with tasks that surround a sales call. For example, consider the voicemail process. When voicemails live in a silo, exclusively existing as a voice recording that is only accessible at a desk phone, your system is limiting your reps availability to respond efficiently and charged with several subsequent tasks.

  • First, he has to listen to the voicemail.
  • Then he has to record it in a CRM.
  • His description will likely be short, generalized and without detail. After all, transcribing data into a CRM is his least favorite (and least-impactful) task, and he wants to get back to his real job – building relationships – as quickly as possible.
  • Just a simple voicemail results in a loss of productivity and data quality, not to mention a decrease in a rep’s motivation as he’s tasked with monotonous work.

Now imagine a situation where a voicemail was automatically transcribed, entered into a CRM and also emailed to the rep upon being recorded. A rep (or sales manager) could access the voicemail anywhere, anytime and be updated about voicemails via email regardless of his location. It might sound like a pipe dream, but with visual voicemail available on all iPhones, this technology isn’t far off.

To take that concept a step further, imagine leveraging that same technology during a sales call. Telephony software could auto-transcribe the call and log it into a CRM automatically – taking all data entry tasks off the plate of the sales rep. As an additional layer, that sales call data could then be analyzed to determine what types of calls and conversations lead to higher close rates and what talking points put sales at risk.

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Telephony Software Improves Rep Efficiency

Not only does this improve the sales rep’s efficiencies and allow them to stay focused on more strategic tasks, but it also ensures the entire organization runs more smoothly.  Customer support reps can reference those calls in the future, and if a rep leaves, another can quickly be brought up to speed with a comprehensive log of all customer interactions.

We see these advancements in telephony as the next-up sales call game-changers. They’ll lead to increased efficiency, better communication, and less busywork so reps can focus on high-impact tasks. They make us one step closer toward empowering sales teams to focus on high-impact, strategic work that requires human expertise – while technology can do the rest.


Does Your Phone System Live in a Silo?

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