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Prepare with Preview Mode, Sell Like a Champion

Through his 18 years in the NFL, Peyton Manning was renowned for his dedication to preparation. He refused to rest during defensive periods of practice, choosing to practice routes with skill positions instead. He corrected scout team defenses to better cover the offense’s play. He worked with fellow quarterbacks on the team’s weekly off-day. He spent hours studying opposing defenses on film. Preparation was a vital aspect of Peyton Manning’s game plan. In fact, his preparation proved a major factor in the Indianapolis Colts’ decision to select Manning with the No. 1 pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.

After a stellar season as a senior at the University of Tennessee, Manning was projected by many to be selected first in the upcoming NFL Draft. The one obstacle to Manning’s guarantee of a No. 1 pick was fellow quarterback Ryan Leaf. While Manning received the Maxwell Award – given to the best college player – after the 1997 season, Leaf earned the Sammy Baugh Trophy, given to the best college quarterback. Both were selected to the All-American team. A CNN/SI article from 1998 argued that a stronger arm and higher ceiling could see Leaf selected first over Manning. The article also reported that the San Diego Chargers were content with either of the two quarterbacks, having traded two first-round draft picks, a second-round pick and two players for the No. 2 spot in the draft. In 2012, former Colts president Bill Polian told USA Today that team scouts ranked Leaf ahead of Manning in their early reports. Ultimately, however, Manning’s dedication to preparation separated him from Leaf, as former Colts’ head coach Jim Mora recalled his experience with Manning at the 1998 NFL Combine to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“After five minutes of us asking questions, Peyton was asking questions,” Mora said. “Intelligent, knowledgeable questions. He’d done his homework. He was scribbling notes down, all that stuff. So he said all the right things, did all the right things, asked all the right things, the whole deal.”

Leaf, however, failed to show up for his scheduled meeting with the Colts. As Manning and Leaf’s careers developed, this divide continued to grow. Manning immediately impressed coaches with his “treat practice like a game” mantra and his ability to direct drills and coordinate with teammates. On the other hand, after two seasons the Chargers released Ryan Leaf, who struggled to work with teammates and displayed a poor work ethic, even forgoing the film room for the golf course, according to Trent Modglin of Pro Football Weekly.

Preparation is vital not just for quarterbacks, but for any position. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman told ESPN’s John Clayton that every player in the NFL has elite physical ability. According to Sherman, who said he watches film on nearly every receiver the Seahawks face, it is his preparation that allows him to excel on the field.

“It kind of gives you a strategic advantage,” Sherman said, “because when it’s third-and-five and you’ve watched every third-and-five they’ve had for the last four or five games, you know which route combinations they like out of which formations, and when they show you the formations you want to see, it makes it very easy to stop them.”

Using available resources to prepare is a crucial factor of success in every role and in any field. With Preview Mode, DialSource serves as much more than telemarketing software or a power dialer. Preview Mode automatically compiles and displays all relevant information on a lead or contact in an efficient, accessible format before a sales agent makes the call. Information such as number of phone calls and details from each individual call – including duration, notes and disposition – are displayed to help agents prepare for each new call. Custom elements such as notes, disposition and projected opportunities can be entered and updated in real time and automatically integrated into Preview Mode’s existing database to keep agents up to speed throughout calls and reduce time spent on post-call tasks. DialSource offers much more than simple cloud telephony or sales automation, and provides your sales agents more than just sales software – it generates scouting reports and game film to help your agents study and prepare for each call, providing them with even more power to succeed.


2020 AA-ISP Top Service Provider of The Year


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