Sales: The Next Step After Social Media

Sales: The Next Step After Social Media

Companies are jumping on to the social media wagon, creating accounts and providing frequent updates, but the most successful ones know that a few posts here and there aren’t enough to convert those leads into sales. Social Media is indeed a tool to increase sales but not in the sense that you may be thinking.

These platforms help build a relationship with your audience garnering more attention and reaching further through content that strikes a cord with your intended audience. In other words, it’s a great tool to fill your sales pipeline by gathering individuals that share a common interest that your company provides. However, the real work begins once you’ve got your audience captivated.

You have followers but what are you doing with them? If you’ve read up on how to create a successful sales strategy you know that you’ve targeted your consumers with their interests and pain points but now that you’ve garnered a digital relationship with them what are you doing next? Most deals don’t close on social media and most people don’t like products being pushed to them on social media either. See the correlation? So how do you work around that? Be strategic in what you do so that the end result has them clicking on your website and discovering the product “themselves”. Do you have a website to funnel those potential leads to? Where is your call to action? What is your game plan for these new found relationships?

Action is Key

Get your prospects active. Make them want to interact with you. Social Media is a channel for relationship building and educating, not advertisements and selling, so how else are you going to figure out how to push your product to people who care?

1. Resources

Depending on your target market, prospects want to be entertained on social media but also informed about topics that relate to them. If you are already pushing out content they are interested in, try taking it a step further to track engagement on your content by asking for contact information. Things like webinars and e-books often ask for name, email and company before the download which helps funnel new contact information for your sales department to work with.

2. Website

Social Media creates a community, but that’s not your sole objective. To push these prospects further down your sales funnel, you need to provide them with a resource so that they can discover and learn about your product or service. This is where your website comes in handy. Your site should be easily navigable and simple for the user to use. A majority of consumers do research on the web before they make a purchase decision and with the right information on your site, the sale may come easier than you think. Contact forms and demo requests are another great way to obtain a point of contact with a prospect.

3. Email

With all those emails you are gathering from your social media pool, there’s an obvious path from there. Email remains essential in the marketing and sales process. Often times, it is known as the more formal, business-oriented medium but that can be used to your advantage. It allows for more personal one on one contact with your prospect and you know how much people like personalization. People on email are more receptive to being sold a product versus people on social media so if you combine social media’s capability to extend your reach and email to energize the sale, you’ve got a good thing going on.

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4. Calling

After all of your email efforts, you now have a pool of hot leads. What is the next step? How much more personal can you get than a one on one call between you and your prospect? This is often after you’ve built a good relationship with your prospect through social media and emailing. Be strategic about it and instead of giving a sales pitch, tell a story. If you are selling to a business, give them key facts about why your product trumps all others on the market. Sales calls remain effective especially if your prospect is a step away from the end of the sales funnel. With newer telephony technologies like DialSource, personalization becomes easier than ever with all the information you might need about your prospect in front of you as you make your call.

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So what should you take away from all of this?

Social marketing and selling is not a one step process and more importantly not a one plan fits all. Use all of the relevant resources you have available to you to create an effective sales strategy for your business.

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