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Sales Resolutions for 2017

Sales Resolutions for 2017

A month seems like a long time to wait until Christmas, but for sales managers, the new year is approaching quickly, meaning it’s time to evaluate your sales strategy. Understanding the biggest challenges that sales teams and agents face is vital to developing an effective strategy to conquer 2017. So let’s create some New Year Sales Resolutions and start 2017 with a plan for success.

Sales Resolution #1: Develop a strong sales process

A strong sales process is the foundation of an effective sales team, that’s why it comes in as the #1 sales resolution for 2017. Only 57 percent of sales agents say they are equipped with the right strategies and tools to beat their goals, according to the Harvard Business Review. A good sales process empowers agents by presenting them with the proper strategies and tools and standardizing the sales stages. The right sales process can cut down on the time spent on each stage of the sales cycle, as well.

In 2015, agents working under a standard sales process implemented by the company were 13 percent more likely to make their quota than those operating with no standard process, according to CSO Insights. TAS Group reported that companies with a well-defined sales process are 33 percent more likely to be high performers. As the year comes to a close, evaluate the sales process you have in place. Identify the stages of your sales process and determine what activities need improvement. From there, find tools that will actually help your agents throughout the sales cycle.

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Sales Resolution #2: Build a powerful sales stack

Coming in at sales resolution #2 is building a powerful sales tech stack. Why? A powerful sales stack gives your team the best chance for success, equipping agents with tools to engage leads and close deals. CRM software should be the cornerstone of your sales stack. With CRM software, records from every department are stored and made accessible throughout the company. This allows different departments, such as sales and marketing, to stay on the same page and better collaborate, as documents and data are effortlessly shared between them. Sales managers should be utilizing predictive analytics as part of the sales stack. By interpreting responses to things like touch points and specific sales activities, predictive analytics offers insight to patterns and trends in the market, making it easier to develop better strategies moving forward.

There are a number of tools to add to your sales stack to help your agents perform better. According to a study on sales productivity from Docurated, agents spent just one-third of their time actually selling in 2014. Your sales stack can help your agents spend more time selling by handling many tedious tasks automatically. Lead generation helps with prospecting and qualifying tasks, filtering out bad leads, pointing the agent toward good prospects. Post-call automation saves agents hours each day, taking care of time-consuming tasks such as logging calls and notes, updating dispositions, and sending follow-up emails. Power dialers allow agents to breeze through call lists, automatically queueing the next prioritized lead after each call. Dashboards and lead previews provide information including call history, disposition and notes, positioning the agent to make every interaction a meaningful one.


The Ultimate Tech Stack For Remote Sales Teams

Sales Resolution #3: Monitor agent productivity

And last but not least, coming in at #3 for 2017 sales resolution… agent productivity and measuring success. The success of a sales team is, of course, driven by the productivity of its agents. Across the country, though, is a crisis concerning employee engagement. According to a recent Gallup study, 20 percent of American employees are actively disengaged at work, while another 50 percent are simply not engaged – present, but not motivated. In 2014, a Harvard Business Review column reported that engagement levels are lowest among employees in sales and service. It is crucial to monitor the productivity of your sales agents and ensure they are staying engaged.

If you build a good sales stack, you probably have a few tools to help monitor your agents’ activity. Live dashboards offer a comprehensive method to examine the activity and habits of your team, allowing you to view specific information based on custom parameters. Charts and graphs actually breakdown figures such as number of dials, connected time and session time, as well as averages for each. This information can be arranged in several different ways, such as by activity or time frame, and compared to different agents. Some dashboards even display idle time. While dashboards show managers what agents are acting inefficiently, it also provides insight to the practices and habits of your highest performing agents. By studying their activity and understanding what’s setting them apart, you can confidently set an attainable standard and help underperforming agents move toward that. Dashboards give agents a unique, top-down view of their sales team and what is and isn’t working.

Check out this Worksheet for Activity Tracking and Workflow Management

Ensuring agent productivity, building a strong sales stack, and developing an effective sales process are a few of the most vital steps to maximizing sales in 2017. With a bevy of features and dedicated support, DialSource can help you address all three. DialSource is useful for cultivating the right sales process by compiling and displaying data throughout the sales cycle, but it’s even more helpful in implementing and maintaining that sales process, as Preview and Auto modes keep agents on track from call to call. DialSource is a single-solution sales stack in its own right, featuring crucial tools for agents and management. Automation capabilities tackle pre- and post-call tasks in the background, saving agents hours every day, while DialSource’s intelligent dialer lets agents jump from one call to another while loading the information relevant to the next prioritized lead. The Live Dashboards give managers an even stronger understanding of their sales team, displaying comprehensive data on each agent through engaging charts and graphs. Equip your sales team with DialSource, and you’ll be ready for the new year.


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