The Four Pillars of Sales Team Satisfaction

The Four Pillars of Sales Team Satisfaction

Sales rep satisfaction is a hot topic of conversation in the SaaS space. With a growing number of SaaS companies entering the market every day, reps have plenty of opportunities to move from role to role, which means employers must be very thoughtful about sales rep retention.

At the 2018 SalesHacker Sales Summit in San Francisco, sales team growth expert’s Jacco van der Kooij and Rob Jeppsen presented a system for sales rep satisfaction. SaaS sales leaders should use this framework to ensure their teams are fulfilled in each of these four core areas.

Pillar 1: Compensation

This pillar may seem obvious – of course, pay is essential to a rep’s satisfaction at work. However, this pillar is about more than a paycheck; it’s about winning. Top sales reps are competitive and driven. They need to feel like they’re not just winning themselves but are on a winning team. They know that compensation is influenced by the team— across sales, marketing, customer support and more. If a high-performing rep is on a losing team, his compensation will suffer, and he’ll eventually find another opportunity.

Pillar 2: Experience

This pillar revolves around the intangible aspects of a sales rep’s role and looks at the overall culture of the organization and how it contributes to a rep’s success. Specifically, this pillar includes things like:

  • How much freedom a rep is given to be creative and innovative
  • How much friction a rep experiences in his role
  • How quickly a rep can collaborate with other teams
  • Whether or not strategic, impactful marketing initiatives support a rep
  • Whether or not a thoughtful, high-performing sales leader leads a rep

Pillar 3: Education

Today’s SaaS reps understand the digital world is changing daily, and are driven to stay on top of trends to be thought leaders. As a result, employers need to feed their desire to learn through mentorship programs, training and conference budgets. Failure to supply a rep’s need for growth will lead to stagnation and turnover. 

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Pillar 4: Network

Who rep’s interact with dramatically influence their performance and satisfaction. In this case, a rep’s network includes his team, manager, supportive departments, and clients. If a rep feels at odds with any part of this core network, it will impact his ability to win, and ultimately his success and satisfaction.


DialSource’s 4-Pillar Support

Sales teams are much more fulfilled and successful when supported by these pillars. DialSource deeply understands the needs of today’s sales reps and built our software to assist them in the areas that matter most.


Let’s face it, sales go up and so does compensation. DialSource helps teams drastically increase sales productivity, automating 99 percent of follow-up tasks with a single click, so reps can focus on their next big win and maximize their compensation.


We built DialSource to enhance the sales rep experience. It easily integrates directly with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and automates tedious tasks so reps can focus only on impactful, energizing, human sales activities.


DialSource helps reps sharpen their skills through advanced reporting that shows what tactics are working and what aren’t. Education feeds a rep’s drive to grow and improve continuously, which also supports pillar one by increasing sales wins and compensation.


A sales rep’s job, at the core, is about relationships. They want to grow their network and interact with people, not CRMs. Still, the average rep spends 64 percent of his time completing non-sales tasks. DialSource gets them off the computer and onto the phone by automating tedious tasks so they can focus on what they’re best at.

If sales rep retention is top-of-mind at your company, it may be worth your time to learn how DialSource can support your sales team and lead to increased workplace satisfaction (and increased sales). 

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