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Reap the Benefits of Continuous Sales Training With DialSource

Reap the Benefits of Continuous Sales Training With DialSource
When it comes to sales, there is no such thing as too much training for your agents.

Naturally, more effective sales agents lead to more closed deals and a greater income. But sales is a distinctly acquired skill that can always be further developed and better polished. According to Sales Alliance, continuous training leads to a 50 percent increase in net sales per agent. Training is crucial when it comes to developing an effective sales team. It can be difficult to identify and implement effective training methods and techniques, however, especially because sales is such a unique practice. Each agent differs from another, as do their individual leads and conversations. Chuck Daly, coach of the 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team, did an effective and often unheralded job of capitalizing on the resources at his disposal to better train his players. Dubbed the Dream Team and featuring legends including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, Daly’s squad won the Olympic tournament in style, averaging 117.3 points per game and winning by an average margin of 43.8 points. The team made a dramatic impression with their public debut, breezing through the Tournament of the Americas and beating Venezuela 127-80 in the championship game to qualify for the Olympics. The private debut of the Dream Team, however, was not so impressive.

As a warm-up, USA Basketball selected the most impressive and dynamic college players for a squad to take on the Dream Team in a scrimmage. Jordan and Co. expected to trounce this young group of college kids. Instead, they were shocked at the hustle and skill they faced as guys like Grant Hill and Chris Webber dominated the hardwood. When the final whistle blew, the college kids lead 62-54. They had defeated the Dream Team. According to Charles Barkley and Karl Malone, they grossly underestimated their opposition.

According to Daly’s assistant coaches, though, the game was thrown. Daly wanted the team to lose, and he tried to ensure that would happen. Jordan hardly saw the court, poor ineffective substitutions were called, and no adjustments were made. Daly wanted the Dream Team to realize that no matter how talented they were, they could lose to anyone. Webber himself described the game as “the perfect wake-up call” for the team. When the two squads faced off again the next day, the Dream Team did not allow the college players to score a single point. Chuck Daly knew what he had to do as a coach to see his team grow, and he took advantage of the resources available. This singular event proved effective. The Dream Team never relaxed or sat on a lead, and maintained the mentality that any team could beat them throughout the tournament.

DialSource offers sales managers more tools to consistently evaluate and train their agents than a one-off scrimmage with college kids. The sales software also provides comprehensive reports on agents and their performance, granting managers the information needed to make informed decisions concerning individual agents. With an array of features, DialSource equips managers with powerful tools to ensure their agents are constantly developing and polishing their craft.

DialSource’s Live Dashboards display a wealth of information concerning sales agents in vivid and engaging ways and allows you to select the information you want to see. Charts offer a breakdown of your agents’ activities, such as number of calls being placed, time spent talking, revenue, and averages for each. You can arrange this information in several ways to achieve a deeper insight, such as within a certain timeframe, by activity, or even as compared to other agents. Discover when your agents are idle or losing efficiency. Implement Live Dashboards to stay informed on the performance and habits of your sales team.

DialSource offers tools to continue training your agents at all times. With Live-call Monitoring, sales managers can tap into agent-lead conversations as they are taking place. In addition to keeping track of call compliance standards, this allows you to gain a deep insight on your agents’ actual performance and practices on live calls. Auto-Call Recording automatically records calls and converts them to MP4 files, building a clean and accessible log of agents’ interactions with leads and clients. This can be used to review agent performances with a click of a button or to train agents, providing records of the strengths and weaknesses of their sales practices.

With Whisper Mode, achieve a whole new level of training and transparency with your team. Whisper Mode allows managers to drop in on live calls at any point in the sales process. Managers can act as live coaches, hearing the live conversation between agent and lead and offering advice to the agent in real time. Go beyond the scrimmages and coach your agents while they’re in the game with Whisper Mode.

With just a handful of college athletes and a dedicatedly-undedicated game plan, Chuck Daly staged one of the more bizarre moments in sports history to develop one of the greatest teams in sports history. With DialSource, sales managers have access to several powerful tools and resources to continue developing the agents on their sales team. Learn what each agent needs with Live Dashboards, keep training your team with Live-call Monitoring and Auto-call Recording, and jump in the game and coach your agents in real-time with Whisper Mode. Implement DialSource to train your sales agents into an effective team.

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