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Schedule Calls Back With DialSource Callback Tasks

Schedule Calls Back With DialSource Callback Tasks

Our mission at DialSource is to help you have better conversations with your customers. Often that means making it easier for your employees to manage their work. Today’s new feature, Callback Tasks, help with a common problem: how to “pause” a contact, so you don’t call them until it’s time to get back to them.

Imagine you call your customer Angie Jones and her voicemail message tells you she’s out of the office for the next three weeks. You disposition the call as “Left voicemail” and your campaign’s recycle counter starts. You create a task to remind you to call her back in three weeks. Five days later, Angie shows back up in a campaign, and someone else calls her. When Angie gets back to the office, you have annoyed her with a half-dozen voicemail messages from different people in your company.

To help with this, we’ve added a “Callback” type to the DialSource task creation. When you say that a task is to call someone back, DialSource will keep that person out of your campaigns until after you complete the task. No more repeated calls or having to remember to skip campaign records for people who aren’t yet ready to get a call.


callback task checked


What’s more, when the time arrives to complete the task, DialSource will prompt you to call them, right there in the softphone. We’ll show you a prompt that looks a lot like an incoming call, asking if you’d like to call back or cancel the task. Have many callbacks come due at once? On a call when the task comes due? No problem, DialSource will show them to you one at a time until you work through them all.


callbacks with call


You can read more about how to use Callback Tasks in the Create a Callback Task user guide.


Schedule Calls Back With DialSource Callback Tasks

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