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The Easiest Way to Shorten Your Sales Cycles

The Easiest Way to Shorten Your Sales Cycles


No matter how you look at it, long sales cycles are a problem, limiting opportunities for your agents to find new leads and close deals. Some particular sales or negotiations can prove to be lengthy by nature. Often, however, you can find inefficiencies within your own sales process that are adding to those long sales cycles. With a sales acceleration software, such as DialSource, it’s easy to optimize your sales process and save time. DialSource crushes pre- and post-call tasks, reducing sales cycles and saving time for agents to focus on finding and interacting with leads.

Prospecting and qualifying leads is a crucial stage of the sales process. Finding and compiling the pertinent information can be a lengthy task, however, consuming an agent’s precious minutes. DialSource takes care of many of these tasks automatically. As leads are uploaded, DialSource formats and stores information such as title, company, and if they’re currently using a competitor. Preview Auto Mode then builds prioritized call lists based on their need for and likely receptiveness to your product. With Preview Mode, all of this information is neatly displayed for the agent before calling the lead, offering a visual of important factors so the agent can develop informed, meaningful interactions from the get-go. More effective interactions make the minutes shaved from pre-call tasks even more important.

DialSource also offers useful tools to maintain the efficiency of your call lists. Preview Auto and DiaSource mode serve as a power dialers, allowing agents to jump from one call to the next, saving time by preloading valuable information and automatically dialing prospects. With Preview Mode, agents can dial selectively. Selecting a lead loads relevant notes and activity history, giving the agent time to prepare before placing the call. Insta-Q further strengthens the efficiency of your call lists. By dropping notifications of new web leads, Insta-Q allows the agent to instantly upload those leads to existing call lists, prioritizing the list based on the interest shown. This empowers agents to respond to an interested lead in a flash, beginning a new sales cycle immediately.

While pre-call tasks are important to the sales cycle, post-call tasks may be even more crucial. Maintaining thorough records and seeing through the follow-up is vital to an effective sales cycle. Agents can spend hours each day on these tasks, like updating disposition, logging call information, uploading notes and writing follow-up emails. DialSource’s powerful Post-Call Automation accomplishes all of this within Salesforce itself, logging every call, updating fields, assigning tasks, and even sending emails. What would normally take an agent up to 15 minutes per call is performed in an instant, allowing the agent to move on to the next call immediately, maximizing their opportunities to interact with prospects. With DialSource’s Post-Call Automation, agents spend virtually no time on post-call tasks, drastically shortening the sales process.

Lengthy sales processes are a problem for agents in every industry. Evaluating and improving your own process can often lead to ways to save time, allowing agents to be even more productive. DialSource can reduce the time spent throughout every stage of the sales process. The intelligent sales software keeps up the process of prospecting and qualifying while Preview Auto mode creates prioritized call lists, saving agents time on the front end. Preview and DialSource modes brilliantly displays that information for agents before each call, while Auto mode and Insta-Q maintain and optimize those call lists. Post-Call Automation drastically limits sales process, saving agents hours each day by performing tasks that agents would normally have to handle after every call. Cut down on lengthy sales processes and give your agents more time and opportunity to pursue leads and secure sales with DialSource.

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