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Sales Motivation: How to Keep Your Team Churning without Burning

Staying Motivated in Sales

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. You sit at your desk with a cup of coffee or tea, go through your call list, follow some leads, and try to hit quotas. Your supervisor may even incentivize you with bonuses and recognition. But is that really enough to keep you going? Motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar compares motivation to a bath or a shower. Like cleanliness must be refreshed from day to day, so must our motivation. One motivational event or speaker isn’t enough to keep us going long-term. Ziglar explains, “that’s why we recommend [motivation] daily.” So where do we start? Here are 5 tips for maintaining sales motivation on a daily basis.

1. Start on A Positive Note

In the crazy times we live in, it can be difficult to stay positive. But starting out each week or even each day of sales with something positive can make a huge difference in your productivity and motivation for the rest of your time.

Meny Hoffman of Ptex Group uses a special weekly newsletter to motivate his team. He says “it works like miracles, because it helps get some gas to start the week on a positive note.” To extend his metaphor, we should not only put gas in our team tank but make sure we’re putting gas in our own tank, too.

This could look different for you. Maybe it means a hearty breakfast, or motivational sticky notes at your workstation, or some upbeat music on the way to work instead of the news. The positivity will fuel you, and your clients will notice too.

2. Set Goals

Most sales experts agree that setting personal goals is key to staying regularly motivated. The RAIN sales research group discovered ten common principles shared among top salesmen which they named the “Rainmaker Principles.” The second on the list is Living by Goals. According to President of RAIN Mike Schultz, “Rainmakers are goal-setting and goal-following fanatics. Goals are part of their daily rituals.”

This can include long-term goals or short-term goals, as long as they are reasonable. It’s good to be ambitious, but anyone who’s checked an item off of a to-do list can tell you, the way goals motivate us is that feeling we get after completing them. To use the words of Zig Ziglar yet again, “a goal properly set is halfway reached.”

And make sure your goals are personalized to you! Yes, there are sales quotas, but not all of us are motivated by numbers. If you’re visual, maybe try creating a colorful chart system for your goals. Keep track of your activities, because sometimes it helps to realize you made 500 cold calls total, even if only a few were conventionally successful.

Or maybe you set mini-goals, like to get through that one really difficult call, and then you’ll reward yourself with a treat from the vending machine.

It’s up to you, but the more goals you reach, the more motivated you will feel.

3. Stave Off Procrastination

No matter how many goals we set, procrastination can get the best of us. Thankfully, there are a few simple tricks to keeping it at bay.

Deal with the most difficult tasks as soon as possible. Not only will this get those tasks out of the way, but afterward everything else you have to do will feel like a piece of cake. (If this sounds scary, see the next item on this list.)

Fileboard recommends that you “make peace with the inertial force.” In other words, once you start to get things done, you’ll begin to build momentum. Ride that momentum!

If you can’t seem to get the momentum going, it’s okay to take breaks. One popular method to help with procrastination is the “Pomodoro Method,” where you work on a single task in 20-minute increments, with five minutes break in between. This method, utilized by scholars and salesmen alike, helps our brain focus but also helps to build momentum when struggling to stay motivated.

4. Be Brave

This is another one of the Rainmaker Principles that can be applied on a regular basis. Sometimes, sales take courage. There are calls we don’t want to make, meetings we don’t want to speak up in, and if we’re truly goal setters, those to-do lists can look overwhelming.

Even though the aforementioned goal-setting is paramount, it is also daunting. Fileboard warns, “don’t get too caught up in list making, and be sure you’re being actionable about the things you want to achieve.” Because what good are goals if you never take action?

At times, taking action is the hardest part. It can take all you have to dial that number, send that email, or make that bold pitch. But these acts of everyday bravery keep us on our toes, keep us motivated, and keep us moving forward toward our goals.

In the words of the wildly successful Walt Disney, “we keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things.”

5. Celebrate!

All of this bravery and goal-setting will lead to burn-out quickly if you don’t celebrate your successes!

These celebrations can be big or small. Sagar Kogekar of Billbooks organizes “employee appreciation day” at the end of each month. What does it look like for you to celebrate what you have accomplished at work?

Maybe it’s a pint with your buddies after making a good sale. Maybe it’s a weekend Netflix binge. Maybe it’s treating yourself to a new pair of shoes. Maybe it really is a party, cake and all.

Just don’t party too hard. But know that you and your successes are certainly a cause for celebration!

Another great read: Keys to Keeping Momentum in The Sales Process

Get going!

So what are you waiting for? Try some of these practical methods to motivate yourself this week, this month, and this year.

Worksheet for Activity Tracking and Workflow Management


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