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Save Time and Have Fun with Post-Call Task Automation

Save Time and Have Fun with Post-Call Task Automation

For sales agents, the tasks performed after a sales call can be just as important as actually placing the call, if not more so. Between logging calls and notes, writing and sending follow-up emails and scheduling follow-up phone calls, an agent can easily spend 10-15 minutes on tasks after each call. In addition to serving as an effective power dialer, DialSource provides powerful and efficient sales automation for sales agents, automatically handling those lengthy post-call tasks by logging call outcomes and notes, sending personalized follow-up emails, updating lead information, and scheduling tasks to help with the follow-up, all within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

According to a case study performed by the Sacramento Kings organization, DialSource can flatten 8 hours of calling activity into one, saving each agent 7 hours. Using DialSource saved the Kings’ agents hours each day, allowing them to significantly increase amount of calls placed. According to the case study, agents averaged 64.5 calls per day before using DialSource. After implementing the telemarketing software, that number increased by 171%, with agents averaging 174.5 calls per day. If an agent were to place 175 calls without sales software such as DialSource, he or she would spend nearly 30 hours on post-call tasks alone, averaging time spent on those tasks at 10 minutes per call. Using the metrics outlined by the Kings’ case study, DialSource would allow that agent to perform those same tasks in under 4 hours, transforming a week’s worth of work into a half-day’s.

With all the time saved by DialSource’s sales automation and cloud telephony integration, you could implement a number of activities and programs to build team chemistry and increase office morale while still creating additional time for your agents to place more calls. Here are a few ways you can accomplish those goals with your newfound extra time.

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5 Things to Do After Implementing Sales Automation

Visit a Puzzle Room

Puzzle rooms, also referred to as “escape rooms,” are all the rage right now. Locked in a room, your team is given one hour to solve a series of puzzles that lead to your escape. Puzzle rooms provide a unique challenge, aimed to create a videogame-like experience in real life. As they require critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork by nature, they also offer an opportunity for unique assessment of those participating. Use some of your extra time to take the office to a puzzle room, and you may learn something new about your staff.

Geometry projects

For an out-of-the-box approach to teambuilding, partner your agents up and give them a few of the projects you probably did in your high school geometry class. Task them with building a structure with just toothpicks and glue, spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, or paper mache. Observe how each pair works together for a glimpse at how individuals cooperates with others, and take note of the shapes they come up for an idea of their creativity and commitment to quality when given minimal direction.

Improv like it’s “Whose Line”

Improvised comedy offers a great way to witness someone’s spontaneous creativity and composure under pressure while also providing some laughs for the office. Using games from “Whose Line is it Anyway” gives you the freedom to arrange employees into different groups or individually. On the show, all four comedians work together to play “Party Quirks,” – though the game could be used for larger groups – while “Props” pairs two of them. “Scenes from a Hat” leaves each member on his own. If you needed more incentive to recreate the classic comedy show, you could pretend to be Drew Carey and hit your buzzer seemingly at random.

Putting tournaments

Use that obligatory putting green in the office to allow the staff to simply let loose and have some fun. A number of games could be adjusted for the mat, such as HORSE or first-to-miss shootouts. It may not prove as effective for team evaluation, but you just might find a new scramble partner.

Place even more sales calls

One of the many advantages of DialSource is the time that sales agents will save because of its sales automation and cloud telephony integration. So, theoretically, agents could even spend that extra time calling more leads, increasing their opportunity to successfully close deals and generate sales. Implement DialSource and forget about the wasted time spent on tedious tasks!


Call Dispositions: The Building Blocks of Revenue Intelligence

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