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Using Dispositions to Automate The Sales Process & Standardize Data

Using Dispositions to Automate The Sales Process & Standardize Data

There’s an emerging term in modern sales rhetoric that you may have heard but can not yet define. Call dispositions have been talked about as an automation and sales intelligence tool, a new way to leverage your CRM, a data consistency practice and more. If you understand call dispositions and know how to leverage them, they can be all of those. But what are they exactly? Here’s your beginner’s guide to understanding dispositions.

What Are Dispositions in Sales?

To understand dispositions and how they relate to the sales process, it’s helpful to first think about the meaning of the word itself. “Disposition” literally means “the arranging or ordering things in a particular way.” When applied to the sales follow-up process, it’s exactly what you might imagine.

A disposition is the outcome of a sales call — for example, “Interested,” “Requested a Demo” and “Not Interested” — and the corresponding, automated follow-up actions that take place after the call – emails, drip campaigns, call reminders and more.

As a more concrete example, if you had a great sales call and the prospect was interested in moving forward, you’d select “Interested” within your CRM, which would trigger a series of automated, scheduled activities like a drip campaign, a follow-up email, and a demo calendar invite. Likewise, a call disposition labeled “Not Interested At This Time” might enter a prospect into a year-long drip campaign with infrequent emails to stay top of mind, and remind a rep to call back six months later.

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How Are Call Dispositions Helpful?

Dispositions can be a huge time-saving tool for sales reps, automating 100 percent of follow-ups after a sales call. For example, powerful software like DialSource automates the scheduling and sending of any post-call action items, meaning after you’ve selected a disposition, the follow-up work is automated and executed without you having to lift another finger.

Another benefit of call dispositions is their complete customizability. With DialSource, you can customize each disposition and the exact follow-up items associated with them, as well as when those follow-ups happen.


Call Dispositions: The Building Blocks of Revenue Intelligence


Why Should You Use Call Dispositions?

Call dispositions are more than just time savers. First, they take the guesswork out of sales follow-ups and ensure a lead is never forgotten. A rep today may be faced with unlimited follow-up options; emails, demos, webinars, case studies and more are all options. How does he choose, and most importantly, how does he meaningfully measure success? With dispositions, he doesn’t have to.

The second major reason to leverage call dispositions is the result of those consistent, automated follow-ups: data accuracy and data consistency. Dispositions arm you and your sales team with standardized data that are never compromised due to human error. In other words, dispositions prevent gaps in data that might have occurred if a rep was overwhelmed with work and forgot to send a follow-up email, start the drip campaign, etc.

This data accuracy and consistency allows you to — for the first time ever — measure the success of your follow-up efforts with a wholly complete and accurate data set. From there, you can begin to tune and refine your follow-up approach to get optimized results.

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How to Leverage Dispositions Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how dispositions can improve your sales process, automate follow-ups and empower you or your sales reps, contact DialSource today. DialSource sales enablement software automates the entire calling cycle, including pre-call processes, call dialing and post-call follow-ups. Additionally, it provides predictive analytics that helps your organization optimize its sales process.


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