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What Is a Call Disposition And How Can You Measure It?

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According to McKinsey & Company, although more than 30 percent of sales-related activities can be automated, only one in four companies have automated at least one sales process. While time management is imperative to sales success, for many companies, it is also one of the greatest hurdles.

As reported in one study, sales reps only spend approximately 37 percent of their time selling — often due to a lack of automation implementation. What was even more surprising was the declining dependence on and use of CRM. As a solution, it was recommended that sales teams focus on a combination of big data and sales technology applications. In doing so, salespeople will be able to achieve their full potential — which translates into higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Taking this one step further, by leveraging your CRM with call dispositions, sales reps will save an immense amount of time and sales managers will benefit from valuable intelligence. The end result will be more productive sales processes and optimized performance.

How Do Call Dispositions Work?

If you have not yet automated each step of your sales process, especially in terms of data entry and logging, you are directly hurting productivity and in turn, your bottom line. Considering 71 percent of sales reps say that they spend too much time on data entry, you cannot afford to ignore the value of call dispositions.

A call disposition is simply a “label” that represents the outcome of a sales call, as well as the follow-up actions that result. For example, a prospect may have sounded interested during a call, whereas the next individual requested a demo, followed by someone who was not interested at all.

In the case that a sales call went great, you would click “interested” within your CRM, triggering a series of automated scheduled activities, such as follow-up email, demo calendar invite, drip campaign, etc. In comparison, a call disposition that is labeled “not interested at this time” may then enter a prospect into a year-long drip campaign. In this case, the rep would be reminded to call back in six months and infrequent emails would be sent out so that you remain relevant.

Follow-up actions can (and should) be customized to meet the needs of your team.

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Call Dispositions: The Building Blocks of Revenue Intelligence


5 Reasons Why Call Dispositions Matter

When you have the right tools and support, the implementation of call dispositions is a simple concept. However, the impact can be immense. When your team is on the same page and you’re optimizing every call, this will significantly impact your ROI across time.

Here’s why you need to consider call dispositions.

1. Call dispositions provide sales managers with actionable data

As discussed, call disposition metrics will provide sales managers with valuable insight. For example, if your sales team is experiencing a high number of one particular call outcome (i.e. rejected calls), this trend will alert managers that something needs to be done. In some cases, trends showcase an issue, whereas other trends may indicate a potential opportunity. Once a rep logs call outcomes in your CRM, this will deliver an overview of their call activities.

From call dispositions, you will be able to better understand:

  • How many leads were wrong numbers, didn’t answer, etc.
  • The number of calls that resulted in meaningful conversations
  • How many voicemails were left and to who
  • The percentage of calls that lead to sales conversations
  • Which lead sources are performing best
  • Which conversations are progressing deals or creating new opportunities.
  • Which agents are the most effective on the phone.

Based on the information you uncover, you may need to consider intervention, particularly in the form of coaching and lead quality. For example, if you find that your reps aren’t booking enough demos, this could become a key focal point. Looks for patterns and trends in the data to better guide management strategies.

Tip: Consider these five metrics in order to be an effective sales coach.

2. Call dispositions lead to significant time savings

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” — Lord Chesterfield

Removing the need to enter time-consuming (often invaluable) notes after each call, call dispositions automate 100 percent of follow-ups. For example, when using DialSource, you can automate the scheduling and sending of any post-call actions. Meaning, once a disposition is selected, the follow-up work will be completed automatically. In turn, this will boost productivity teamwide.

3. Call dispositions result in more successful call campaigns

When you have access to comprehensive call data, you can create an optimal calling campaign list. By reviewing call disposition codes, campaign lists can hone in on contacts that are most likely to respond. As a sales manager, you can then email that list to your reps and begin the reporting and analytics process all over again to better understand specific sales metrics.

4. Call dispositions result in greater data accuracy and consistency

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” — Wyatt Earp

Since call disposition data is automated and standardized, your data will not be compromised by human error. Considering data is one of the key tools actively changing the way business is conducted, it’s imperative that the data you review is as complete and accurate as possible — especially when your goal is to improve your team’s sales process.

5. Call dispositions increase ROI

You should be working towards a sales process that maximizes the value of each and every lead. Call dispositions can help you better track where each lead is in the sales process, making sure that the next steps are known. This will help you ensure that leads do not fall through the cracks, increasing your ROI.

What’s Next?

If you’re considering the power of call dispositions for your sales team, DialSource will allow you to customize each disposition. For outbound call tracking, not only can you customize each disposition and the follow-up action associated with them, but you can also control when those follow-ups happen. Having this level of control over the sales process is imperative.

Then, you have control over additional fields, allowing agents to fill out any additional information. For example, you may create dispositions such as:

  • Contact Established
  • No answer
  • Call back in a week
  • Left voicemail
  • Demo booked
  • Meeting Scheduled

A field can then be added to each disposition, creating up to a maximum of 25 fields. Each call will record specified metrics so that you can measure call data and performance. Whether your goal is to track feature requests, identify issues with your product/service, see how many calls escalate to management, or better understand how your business is operating as a whole, once implemented, call dispositions begin working in the background.

Call outcomes are then easily tracked in real-time without any additional effort.

Learn how to configure disposition fields here, as well as the extra fields you can log here.

When it comes to outbound call tracking, workflow management, and CRM automation, DialSource can make your sales process seamless, and more importantly, incredibly efficient. Ready to leverage the full power of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, transforming conversations into revenue?

Schedule a live demo today!


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