Capture the Right Post-Call Information Every Time with Disposition Fields

Woman on computer using custom disposition fields in her daily workflow
Use the new Disposition Fields to guide your agents to collect the best, most complete data they can in the CRM.

Customers have many complicated rules and logic set up to update information in the CRM after a call takes place. These rules ensure your agents capture the right call data so you can report on, and gain the insights you need to meet your business objectives. For example, you might have a requirement that when booking a demo, you need to collect the customer’s computing platform information. Or every time you leave a voicemail you log a field with the date you intend to follow up so reports can be created for followups.

Collecting this information inside the CRM can be hit or miss. You can’t make them required fields because they’re only required when certain call activities happen. You can ask your reps to remember to fill things out at the right time, but they often forget or miss something. So how can you make collecting the right post-call data a requirement, while seamlessly making it a part of your agent’s process?

Today DialSource announces Disposition Fields to solve these problems for you. Attach any field from a CRM object to a DialSource call disposition, and your sales reps will be prompted to complete the information before saving the call disposition.

The fields can be required or marked as optional on the disposition, allowing you to guide your reps in collecting the best, most complete data they can. Fields follow CRM validation rules, so if your rep tries to clear the content of a Salesforce required field or enter an email address into a Dynamics phone field, we’ll make them correct the issue before continuing. As a sales agent, Disposition Fields will help you organize and streamline your workflow, making sure you don’t forget to fill in important fields after your calls.

As a manager, you can decide what information you want to make sure your reps collect, and Disposition Fields will do all the work for you.

Disposition Fields is enabled for all customers today. Agents can use the fields as soon as they are added to a Disposition. We support fields from the Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Tasks objects, and you can attach up to 25 fields to a disposition.

To get started, read Configuring Disposition Fields or Logging Disposition Fields in our documentation, or go to the Dispositions Manager and add some fields to a disposition.