Case Study

Lights, Camera, Process: L.A. Film School + DialSource Denali

Automating Sales Processes Lead to 4x the Call Volume and a 48% Increase in Enrollment

43 +133% +48%
Admission Reps Connections per week growth in enrollment

The LA Film School (LAFS) is an accredited college helping the next generation of filmmakers, recording artists and managers achieve their dreams in the world of entertainment. LAFS relies heavily on Salesforce to connect with leads, track conversions, and gain valuable insights to help the college identify the best channels for sourcing new enrollments.

LAFS used to rely on their reps to manually track call outcomes in Salesforce. They quickly realized they needed to invest in sales automation technology to increase call volume and gain visibility into what their reps were doing. After going through other dialers and not being satisfied with their Salesforce integrations, they came across DialSource Denali’s native Salesforce application, and have seen success ever since. 

With DialSource Denali, LAFS finally found a solution catered to its needs resulting in four times the call volume by reps, 133% increase in call connections, and 48% more enrollments.

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