Hitting Sales Goals Out of the Park: Texas Rangers + DialSource Denali

The Texas Rangers are hitting home runs in their sales office with Denali for Salesforce Lightning. With a sales team of 28 representatives and three managers, the Rangers cover a large sales portfolio and rely on efficiency to help drive success within their organization.

In 2016, the team switched its CRM software from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce. At the time, the Rangers had difficulties retrieving important data from their calls. Without key metrics, such as who was being called, when calls were placed and what their outcomes were, the team was missing out on actionable ways to improve their sales process. The Ranger’s reps were also placing all their calls by hand, while their managers manually assigned call lists, which placed a hard ceiling on the team’s productivity.

Looking for a way to boost the efficiency of its sales team and the efficacy of their calls, the Rangers decided to implement DialSource Denali. Thanks to features like Click-to-Call, Campaigns (pre-built call lists that agents can cycle through without having to pull up individual records) and post-call automation like Voicemail Drop, the Rangers have witnessed an immediate impact on their sales process.

“We’ve seen our reps make 160% more calls per hour while using Denali.”
Justin Foote, CRM & Analytics Manager for the Texas Rangers

Beyond improving their efficiency, the team now has access to valuable intelligence from each call. For example, with Denali’s automated call dispositions, the Rangers can see whether or not their calls are actually making contact with anyone and what their sell-through rate is. This helps the team’s sales managers make data-driven decisions moving forward, such as acquiring leads with higher returns. 

“We had always lacked an efficient and accurate way to track the effectiveness of our leads. We could see whether or not leads were purchasing, but not necessarily the outcome of the call. Now, with Denali intelligence, each call has an outcome that can then be viewed at an aggregate level for reps, managers and for myself to reference when acquiring additional leads.”

Denali has also helped the Rangers continually boost performance on an individual level. With its robust set of training tools, managers can help reps improve on specific pain points, whether they’re rookies or seasoned vets on the team.

“Denali is beneficial for managers because it allows seamless listening in on calls in order to evaluate rep performance.”
Nick Richardson, Inside Sales Manager for the Texas Rangers

“The whisper feature allows training managers to make suggestions that only the rep can hear when speaking with clients in order to get the most out of each call and to accelerate the rep success rate. In a role where you are training reps, this is key to enhancing their performance at a swifter pace.”

After seeing such tremendous results with the initial roll-out, the Rangers are preparing to expand their use of Denali and enhance the fan experience across inbound sales and service communications as well.

“We have future plans to utilize Denali’s inbound call routing to improve the service to our customers when they call in,” said Foote. “We’re looking to implement a system that recognizes a matching account and routes the call to its corresponding owner so that our customers receive a personalized experience every time they call in.”

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