Re-Envisioning the Power of CRM: VSP Altair Eyewear + DialSource Denali

Altair Eyewear, a division of VSP Global, has rejuvenated its sales team and reached new levels of performance by incorporating DialSource Denali into its sales process.

Backed by a team of 40 reps, Altair provides independent eyecare professionals across the country with advanced eyewear products and business solutions to help deliver excellent patient care. In order to better service doctors and their patients, Altair relies primarily on telephony and web tools to conduct their business. Reps “meet” with doctors, introduce new products and accept orders, all via phone from Altair’s offices in Rancho Cordova, California. Operating as an inside sales team provides a competitive advantage for VSP’s Altair Eyewear division, but selling remote turned sales into a task-intensive process for their team.

“They’ve really worked to understand our business and the ‘whys'. That piece is really important — that they care enough to try to learn and understand our business.”
Sherri Midgley, Business Information Systems Director at Altair Eyewear

Whether it was coordinating product showings, updating Salesforce records after calls or scheduling follow-ups with doctors, Altair’s reps had to manage and complete every task by hand, which led to inconsistencies and key calls not being scheduled.

Altair’s sales team isn’t the first to be hampered by tedious, time-consuming tasks. According to research from Salesforce, the average sales rep spends an astounding 65% of their day on non-selling tasks, such as manual data entry. With Salesforce and telephony playing such a crucial role in their operations, Altair sought a way to bridge the gap between the two and streamline the sales process for its team. While attending Dreamforce in 2015, Altair learned about DialSource and how its automation tools could simplify their rep’s day-to-day routine. Excited by this potential, Altair decided to implement DialSource with a pilot group after returning from the conference.

“Once we got back and went through everything we had learned at Dreamforce, we started to look at what we thought could make an immediate impact on our business. That’s why we chose DialSource.”
Sherri Midgley, Business Information Systems Director at Altair Eyewear

As Altair hoped, DialSource Denali transformed their sales process. Automated solutions, such as Click-to-Call, Campaigns, and Dispositions, allowed Altair’s reps to condense repetitive tasks—the bulk of their work—into single clicks, shaving hours off their process and creating happier reps.

While implementing Denali, DialSource also worked with Altair to create custom solutions tailored to their unique sales process. For instance, several reps call on the same accounts for various products, so Altair’s CRM records don’t have a single “owner” as is usually the case. This can affect certain functions like call campaign creation and management, but DialSource developed a connecting field solution that adapts to this unique provision and identifies the correct user IDs. Other solutions DialSource has created for Altair include custom call dispositions and custom object roles that go beyond the standard functions included in Salesforce.

“It’s been a really good partnership,” added Davis. “Sometimes I have an idea of what I think I want and they’ll engineer a solution that’s not what I was thinking, but of course, it works. That’s how well they’ve gotten to know our business.”

With part of its team already reaping the benefits, Altair is looking forward to rolling out Denali to the rest of their division and taking full advantage of Denali’s intelligence suite. “We absolutely know that we’re going to get there and we believe, being that it’s an inside sales team, that this is going to help us identify what that ‘secret sauce’ is to make a good rep,” explained Midgley. “We’ve found that people can really influence each other working peer-to-peer. If all of a sudden you can show people who are using your tool, Salesforce, and DialSource, and they are making and exceeding their revenue goals, then other people start to pay attention—‘I want to be on that leaderboard.’ ‘I want to be the person who is exceeding my goals.’”

Like VSP Global, your organization can re-envision what’s possible across both your inbound and outbound communications.