Dialing Modes

In sales, the situation matters. Who are you calling, and why? What’s the history between the prospect and your company? Situational awareness is critical in understanding the right strategies to implement and the right tools to use to maximize success.

In sports, as in sales, it’s all about the situation – the sum of a variety of factors such as key match-ups, venue and weather. Understanding these situations and the factors behind them is crucial to a coach’s game plan, and often determines key decisions. Whether it’s which pitch to throw, what substitution to make, or going for it on fourth, the situation and subsequent decision goes beyond the score.

A fascinating situational gambit can be observed in the 2014 World Cup quarterfinals, when Arjen Robben and the Netherlands – runners-up of the previous World Cup – faced off against a plucky Costa Rican squad led by goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who played a vital role in the previous match against Greece with the lone save of the penalty shootout.

A tournament favorite, the Netherlands looked dominant against the Ticos, placing 15 shots on goal versus Costa Rica’s three. Play ended 0-0, however, with Navas making save after save. He was unbeatable, and once again, the match was down to penalty kicks. In the end, though, a different keeper would tilt the game.

Netherlands coach Louis van Haal realized that the Dutch needed an edge. With less than one minute remaining in extra time, van Hall replaced goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen with Tim Krul. It was the first World Cup appearance for Krul, and he was subbed in specifically for the penalty shoot-out – the only time such a move has been made in World Cup history.

Krul conceded the first penalty attempt. When he took the line again, though, he made the same reach, stopping the shot and allowing Robben to give the Dutch a 2-1 advantage. Krul soon stood between the posts with a 4-3 advantage. A save meant victory. Taking the kick was Michael Umana,  whose penalty secured the Ticos’ spot in the quarter-finals. For the second time in his World Cup debut, Krul denied the penalty. van Haal’s unprecedented scheme paid off. The Netherlands were headed to the semi-finals.

van Hall understood the situation. When you break down the particulars, as the Dutch manager surely did, the risky move makes sense. At 6’4”, Krul stands three inches taller than Cillessen, making covering both angle and length more likely. While more physically imposing, Krul is also more psychologically aggressive – a distinction heightened by the dramatic scenario. And while the Ticos’ shootout against Greece meant the Dutch had a prime opportunity to prepare, the substitution rendered any preparation by Costa Rica useless, with Krul entirely under their radar. In the situation, every advantage fell to Tim Krul, and van Hal knew that.

Awareness of the situation empowered van Hall to take a gamble that ultimately sent the Netherlands to their second consecutive World Cup semi-final appearance and will go down as a defining moment of his illustrious career. In sales, as in sports, understanding different situations and the right course of action can make all the difference. Sales managers should be providing tools for each situation for their agents, who should understand when to use them. With an arsenal of powerful dialing modes, DialSource makes it easy to equip your agents with the right tools and awareness for different situations in one move.

Crush Lead Generation with DialSource Mode

Lead generation is a necessary evil of sales. A good salesman should be finding and qualifying new leads every day. But even though lead generation is crucial to sales success, it is still a tiresome, tedious task. With DialSource Mode, lead generation is easier and more effective. Multi-line dialing and intelligent lead management means means your agents’ time is being better used. Only connected calls are passed on to the agent, meaning he’s having real conversations, and not wasting time listening through dial tones or leaving voicemails. Additionally, DialSource’s CRM integration means that other results are handled intelligently in the background, saving time agents would spend on tedious post-call tasks. Every attempt is recorded, and DialSource re-categorizes or reschedules leads automatically – redials are recognized, voicemail and busy connections are rescheduled for later attempts, and disconnects and no-answers are recorded. With an average of 82 connections an hour, DialSource Mode is the fastest dialing system on the market.

Cruise through Call Lists with Preview Auto Mode

Preview Auto Mode provides your agents with the right tools to dominate call lists and campaigns. In Preview Auto Mode, DialSource’s CRM-native design and automation capabilities are on full display. DialSource allows you to create “dispositions,” customized to perform any number of unique post-call tasks, in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Based on the dispositions you build and select, a simple click automatically schedules a follow-up call, sends an email or leaves a voicemail, and handles tasks such as uploading notes, updating your call log and setting the prospect’s interest level. All of this happens in the background, reducing eight hours of post-call activity to one. In Preview Auto Mode, once you’ve selected a disposition, a call is placed to the next lead on your list, keeping interactions with prospects on the foreground. This allows agents to focus simply on the conversation – no dialing, no logging, no scheduling – just talking.

Prepare for Follow-Up Calls with Preview Mode

Preview Mode is the perfect solution for taking on tougher prospects. While Preview Auto Mode helps agents move through lists, lead after lead, Preview Mode allows agents to dial selectively with a chance to research and review. Selecting a prospect displays activity history relevant to the contact, including linked accounts and opportunities. View data from every previous interaction and conversation, including number of calls, duration, notes, and general information such as the lead’s company, title, and LinkedIn profile. Understanding the progression of the relationship with a lead allows for better continuity between touch points and more meaningful interactions. Preview Mode allows agents to dial at their own pace, giving them a chance to study up on those prospects that require a bit more awareness and strategy.

In sales, as in sports, you have to play the situation. Understanding the different strategies and tools that different situations require – and ensuring your agents understand, as well – is crucial to success. Though playing the situation is a multi-faceted challenge, DialSource and its distinct dialing modes offers a single elegant solution. DialSource Mode is a powerful asset for lead generation, as multi-line dialing and management keep your agents in conversation. Preview Auto Mode’s auto-dialer, paired with DialSource’s task automation, allows agents to focus on talk, even when cruising through call lists. Preview Mode gives agents the time they need to prepare for important follow-ups and tougher prospects, and the material they need to be prepared as possible.