Crush your post-call task list. We truly mean it.

DS automates every step of the sales process, eliminating the mundane post-call activities plaguing sales teams everywhere.

  1. Instantly log calls
  2. Record notes
  3. Update custom fields
  4. Auto-convert lead statuses
  5. Send tailored voicemails
  6. Send personalized emails

With DS, agents spend their days nurturing the hottest leads. Post-call automation eliminates human error while drastically increasing productive talk-time. Automating your sales cycle condenses the number of clicks, form changes, and status updates agents are required to make into a single click. As automation leaps into action, agents are already onto the next dial

The beauty of DS lies in flexibility. Each version of DS Post-Call Automation is unique, because we tailor workflows triggers to custom-fit your particular sales cycle.

Say good-bye to tedious follow-ups and hello to brilliant conversations.