Escaping the Sales Productivity Challenge

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Sales teams are trapped doing inefficient and non-sales related activities

  • Only 37 percent of sales reps’ time is spent on revenue-generating activities. -Inside Sales
  • Sales reps spend less than one-third (32%) of their time selling and pitching prospects. -Docurated
  • Salespeople waste one-fifth (20%) of their working hours managing their CRM, tackling administrative tasks and producing reports. -Docurated

Sales people don’t have enough time in the day to sell. They tend to get bogged down with non-sales tasks, such as sending emails, updating records within the CRM, and many, many more.

For many managers, that’s just the way it goes – non-sales tasks are a necessary evil that must be completed in order to sell and maintain their sales process.

The Docurate study does the math on how not selling impacts a company, “ In a 1,000-person company this leads to $50M in lost revenue opportunities and a waste of more than $5 million in annual salary costs.”

But imagine how much more your reps could sell if they could dedicate their time to the tasks that really matter. You wouldn’t need to hire more reps to increase revenue if you could just make better use of the ones you have. That sounds like a dream, right?