We are thrilled to introduce DialSource Guided Walkthroughs, our newest feature. Once downloaded, step-by-step tutorials will take you through your entire DialSource organization.

Over the last year, we’ve developed several new DialSource features from Regional ID to Click-to-Queue and Global RecycleOur goal is to make sure users get the most out of DialSource, so we’ve released this newest update to make agent onboarding a snap.

Instructive pop-ups will highlight everything you need to know, teaching you how to use our most popular features with seamless interactive guidance.

As we continue introducing new DialSource features, these educational walkthroughs are designed to instantly accelerate the onboarding process.

We would love to hear customer feedback and insight regarding this new release, any input will help shape future tutorials.

Download here and click the new “Activate Guides”  button on your Salesforce dashboard to get started.

Good luck!