Reach Peak Sales Performance

Welcome to your carrier grade telephony solution! Built to operate inside Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, DialSource Denali empowers sales and services reps to drive conversations with actionable intelligence and limitless automation across the customer experience.

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Make Your Sales Process Automatic

Your sales reps are meant to sell. Stop having them be tied down by hours of data entry. DialSource Denali handles an endless number of post call activities in the background, so your sales reps get their time and you get your data.

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Post-Call Automation

Complete post-call tasks across your CRM and connected apps, such as field updates, emails and lead conversions, with the press of a button.

 DS Connect

Go beyond click-to-call with DS Connect. Denali enables three strategic calling modes to streamline the outbound sales process.


Turn your data into action. Campaigns feed reps the best lead to call based on actionable intelligence delivered directly from your CRM.

 Auto Voicemail Drop

Give your agents the ability to drop in pre-recorded messages and move onto the next call without ever having to wait for the beep.

Capture Sales Intelligence that Inspires Action

You want to make sure you’re calling the right prospect at the right time. DialSource Denali captures key customer metrics to provide valuable insight such as who to call and when, so you can make sure your calls lists and decisions are data driven.

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DS Dashboards

Amplify the reporting capability of your arm with DS reports and dashboard. Receive powerful intelligence in real-time.

 Global Recycle Logic

Develop campaigns that can react to your team’s progress. With Denali, your leads are intelligently managed based on every CRM action.

Priority Queue

New inbound leads are prioritized based on web actions and intent to improve your team’s speed-to-lead performance, instantly.

Create the Ultimate Sales Experience

Your customers deserve fast and informed service. With DialSource Denali all data, such as lead history and touch points, are combined into a single view inside your CRM allowing reps to focus on a seamless customer experience every time.

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Intelligent Routing

Harness your customer data and route the caller to the appropriate representative based on purpose, ownership or need.

 Screen POP

Greet your customers with a new level of personalization by having CRM profiles display prior to picking up the call.

DS Symphony

Improve your team’s calling experience and help agents maintain motivation with their choice of music in between calls.

Train Your Team to Tackle New Heights

Your sales team should always be learning and growing. By integrating call data, analytics and recordings with CRM, DialSource Denali equips managers to coach reps and to find customized processes guiding team members at every level to reach their best performance.

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 Real-Time Call Monitoring

Help agents identify the difference between “no” and “not yet” during sales opportunities with real-time feedback and coaching.

 Call Recording

Help onboard new reps, gain a better understanding of what success sounds like and log searchable call recordings in your CRM.

Live Reporting

Data-rich charts, graphs and records allow you to monitor key metrics live so you can improve key performance metrics and customer satisfaction.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Unlike other third-party applications, DialSource Denali doesn’t transfer any of your customer data out of your CRM. Instead, you run reports and other tasks using your CRM’s built-in functions. By not moving your data around, we make sure it stays safe right where it needs to be.

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