Unlock the insights created through conversations.
If conversations create relationships, then the information trapped in those conversations can unlock new opportunities for your organization. Capture call data to improve your sales strategy and unlock new insights to fuel growth.
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Gain a new level of visibility across sales and service teams.

It takes time to make connections. Give your organization a better understanding of where sales and service are spending their time and relate that effort to opportunities to increase the revenue efficiency of your team.


DialSource Intelligence Includes:

Native Reporting

Amplify the reporting capability of your CRM with DialSource dashboards. Track conversation metrics like talk time and call count while linking the outcomes of conversations to other data points within your CRM. Monitor dashboards and generate real-time reports from within your CRM.

Global Recycle Logic

Develop campaigns that dynamically react to your team’s progress. With DialSource Denali, your leads are intelligently managed and updated in real-time based on every CRM action.

Priority Queue

New inbound leads are prioritized based on real-time web actions and engagement to improve your team’s speed-to-lead performance, instantly. With DialSource Priority Queue, you can rest assured that a warm lead will always be at the top of your teams call campaigns.

Native reports to drive real-time decisions.

As a native application, DialSource logs 100% of sales and service activities directly into your CRM allowing native reports to show in real-time at the push of a button.

“We had always lacked an efficient and accurate way to track the effectiveness of our leads. We could see whether or not leads were purchasing, but not necessarily the outcome of the call. Now, with DialSource intelligence, each call has an outcome that can then be viewed at an aggregate level for reps, managers and for myself to reference when acquiring additional leads. ”
Justin Foote, CRM & Analytics Manager for the Texas Rangers

Ready to gain a deeper understanding of your customer?

Unlock the data within your conversations.