Better sales execution from lead to close.
Eliminate the burden of complex, manual tasks from your reps workflow. Automate pre-call and post-call tasks with a single click for better productivity, insights and rep experience.
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It's 2019, leave your tasks to the machines.

Just like the assembly line revolutionized production, automation technology is forever changing the way we do sales and service. With DialSource automation, you connect conversation outcomes to new opportunities and next steps, standardize workflows and create a system where 100% of sales activities are logged within CRM.

DialSource Automation Includes:

Pre-Call & Post-Call Automation

Trigger the completion of pre-call and post-call tasks across your CRM and connected apps, such as updating fields, advancing the stage of accounts and opportunities, sending emails and leaving a voicemail, all with the press of a button.

Dynamic Campaigns

Turn your data into action. Campaigns feed reps the best lead to call based on actionable intelligence derived directly from any user-defined data points within your CRM.

Auto Voicemail Drop

Give your agents the ability to drop in prerecorded messages and move onto the next call without ever having to wait for the beep.

Standardize sales activities with dispositions.

Leverage customizable dispositions to streamline your process and sales execution by standardizing the next steps and automating data entry.

“The average sales rep spends 68% of their time completing non-sales related tasks, while high-performing sales teams reduce this inefficiency by leveraging the power of automation across there sales process.”

Ready to leverage automation, increase sales & improve execution? DialSource automation empowers your organization to become wildly successful. Request a Discovery Call today!