Denali helps your team reach their peak performance.

Denali comes equipped with powerful training tools to help elevate your team to new heights. Each call is instantly recorded and logged directly into your records, enabling you to highlight the key moments that led to a successful close or touch up on your team’s pain points.

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Capture teachable moments and help your team along the trail to success.

Help your team identify the difference between “no and “not yet” within complex sales opportunities by being on the call with them. With whisper mode, you can now support your agents in real-time as they look for ways to help the customer work through the decision-making process.

Leave out sensitive information to keep your business safe, while creating a database of world-class sales knowledge. Help onboard new reps and gain a better understanding of what success sounds like. Denali logs call recordings directly within your Salesforce records so you can put your biggest sale on replay.

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Help agents identify the difference between “no” and “not yet” during sales opportunities with real-time feedback and coaching.

Call Recording

Help onboard new reps, gain a better understanding of what success sounds like and log searchable call recordings in your CRM.

Live Reporting

Data-rich charts, graphs and records allow you to monitor key metrics live so you can improve key performance metrics and customer satisfaction.