Develop your playbook for success.
Every organization has unique processes and needs. We work with sales and service leaders to enable their teams to develop a playbook for success based on their organization's key metrics and goals rather than a pre-defined set of plays. Our voice capabilities enable transparency and allow feedback systems to include conversation analysis in their team's development.
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Empower your organization to reach new heights.

Improve sales productivity and performance by recording, monitoring and optimizing representatives’ sales execution. Aggregate data from sales execution and conversations to surface new insights about sales cycles and customer needs.

DialSource Training Capabilities Include:

Real-Time Call Reporting

Data-rich charts, graphs, and records allow you to actively monitor key metrics and rep performance to unlock new opportunities for growth and development amongst your team.

Start & Stop Call Recording

Help onboard new reps, gain a better understanding of what success sounds like and log searchable call recordings in your CRM. Secure and encrypted recordings maintain compliance while unlocking a new layer of conversational data for your organization.

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Help agents identify the difference between “no” and “not yet” during sales opportunities with real-time feedback and coaching.

Help your team overcome the challenges facing them today.

If your team is focused on tasks over outcomes, they lose sight of the human elements of their role. Empower your organization to focus on the conversation and use data to drive coaching and development.

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