Don't let a poor connection give your customers the jitters.
We believe that quality conversations are key to establishing sales and service relationships with your customers. With DialSource Voice + CTI, we connect your existing systems to our carrier-grade telephony network built to drive efficiency and growth.
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Take control of your voice.

DialSource controls a sophisticated, redundant, carrier network. We administer all aspects of the telephony services that we provide to our customers including; actively optimizing the mix of carriers for specific destinations and the ability to provide on-demand control of the routing for every call.

DialSource Voice + CTI Includes:

Inbound Call Routing

Harness your customer data and route the caller to the appropriate representative based on purpose, ownership or need. 

Intelligent Screen POP

Greet your customers with a new level of personalization by having CRM contact, account or case records display prior to answering the call.

DialSource Symphony

Improve your team’s calling experience and help agents maintain motivation with their choice of music playing between calls.

Focus on conversations and outcomes, not on dials.

Increase the number of quality calls conducted by your team while accelerating the sales process through a native application that leverages the connected power of voice + CRM. Turn your current phone system into a solution that enables rep performance from click to call through standardized dispositions that power automation.

“92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, with 85% of customers reporting being dissatisfied with their phone experience.”
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Proactively engage with new opportunities.

Access customer data and empower your reps to leverage outbound dialing to maintain and move your omnichannel cadence forward without leaving CRM.

Connect your customers to the right person every time.

Prioritize inbound calls across sales and service with capabilities that include call waiting, inbound call routing, and screen-pop for both contacts and cases to greet your customer in a personal manner.

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