As the world's information is increasingly digitized, sales teams are accelerating to keep pace with resources from dialing platforms to CRM systems and social media. At the center of it all? The Customer.

Drive customer engagement by harnessing the persuasive power of human-to-human connections.

Get a birds-eye view

Run a social media scan on prospects for a breakdown of ongoing projects, recent news, company acquisitions, etc. Company Websites, CrunchBase, LinkedIn, Twitter – these tools are all at your disposal. The Charlie App is also a great way to get free debriefings on your prospects automatically sent to your inbox before every meeting. Researching prospects prior to a call, even if it’s just a tiny break in between dials, adds a layer of context and relevancy to the conversation. These actions can make the critical difference between a successful sale and ice-cold rejection.


Incorporate relevant information from your research and design the conversation around it – avoid reciting a generic sales pitch. This is the quickest way to pique interest and highlight product features that are of particular relevance. The key is to draw a connection – mention an industry-trending topic or recent company project – familiar keywords sharpen listener focus and steer the conversation in value.

Stay local

Prospects are 57% more likely to pick up a call with a local area code than an unknown number. Instinctively, seeing that number establishes a sense of familiarity, the ideal comfort zone for entering into a sales conversation.

Converse vs. Pitch

At a fundamental level, sales conversations aren’t simply cut and dry B2B or B2C scenarios – they’re human-to-human connections. People respond best when they participate in an energizing dialogue versus a passive one-way pitch. So ask questions, dig deeper. Having a conversation stimulates the prospect and grabs their attention, empowering them and giving you a chance to address product-fit from a more informed perspective.

Key takeaway: Customer engagement comes down to great human interactions. By taking the time to research and engage in a truly two-way conversation, you can seamlessly transition outbound lead generation into valuable customer relationships.