3 Ways DialSource Improves Sales Team Morale

Improve Sales Team Morale

There are many reasons for why sales teams experience times of low morale. It could be that endless to-do lists are cutting into talk-time with customers, or that micromanaging tactics are suffocating sales reps. Perhaps a lack of workplace transparency is causing some mistrust among sales reps. Whatever the issue may be, it is important to confront the problem before morale sinks further and puts a serious dent in your team’s productivity. This is why sales managers need a solution like DialSource. In more ways than one, DialSource works to make sales reps more successful and happy about their jobs, which contributes to higher morale in the workplace and more productivity from your sales team as a whole.

Here are just 3 ways that DialSource can improve a sales team’s moral.

DialSource allows sales managers to experiment with different styles of management.

DialSource makes life much easier for sales managers. With the ability to oversee all rep activity in real-time through data-rich charts, graphs, and records, you can keep track of every transaction made and every conversation had, all through DialSource’s live dashboards. This streamlines the management process and provides a highly efficient way to evaluate what works and what doesn’t from a management perspective. It also saves time and provides sales managers with the opportunity to experiment with fun and innovative management techniques, such as gamification.

Gamification is perhaps the most popular and effective way of boosting the morale of a sales team. Gamification is simply the method of incorporating game mechanics in non-gaming applications. In this case, the idea is that if you turn inside sales into a game, reps will be more incentivized to push their numbers even further. They’ll want to “level up”, so to speak.

If you think gamification could be your answer for boosting team morale, you’ll want to be working with a software like DialSource, no question. Live dashboards are essentially crucial to any sales gamification tactic, as they allow managers to display the leaderboards showing rep performance in real time, and having a multi-line predictive dialer that averages 82+ conversations an hour just makes it a whole new ball game.

In fact, one of our closest clients, the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, has had proven success in using DialSource for gamification

The 6 highest-performing agents made 1,536 calls in just a 3-hour window, accounting for over 53% of the total call volume on that day.

By turning a typical day of sales into a sales contest, reps were engaged and excited to compete. It was a tremendous success.

DialSource allows time for reps to think creatively.

Creative thinking can often be the difference-maker when it comes to closing a deal. Prospects can smell a scripted speech a mile away; it’s the creative pitches that make the biggest splash.

However, the problem is that most reps don’t have the luxury of sitting back and thinking with a creative mindset. Studies have shown that the parts of the brain that are responsible for creativity kick in only when the most frequently used parts of the brain are deactivated. So, while you’re going through your everyday tasks or conducting research on your next lead, your creativity will be taking the back seat.

With all the time and mental energy that DialSource saves through automation, reps can finally have the occasional opportunity to stop thinking about everyday business and channel their creativity while experimenting with different sales tactics. With enough experimentation, reps will become more and more capable of creating pitches that are refreshing and highly effective. This will not only make the act of selling more enjoyable for the rep, it will also result in better conversations with more engaged leads.

DialSource allows reps to narrow their focus.

The most common complaint among sales reps these days is the lack of dedicated sales time they’re given. It’s been proven that over two-thirds of a typical rep’s day is spent on tasks like logging calls and CRM reporting – tasks that don’t even directly involve selling. With these tedious burdens in the way, reps find themselves discouraged as they push to meet quota in the sliver of time that they have left over.

The solution to this problem: create more talk-time by automating the tedious tasks that get in the way. DialSource allows agents to log calls and notes, update custom fields, auto-convert leads, and send personalized voicemails and emails – all with one-click. That way, reps can have more time to focus on their objective and close more deals. More deals means higher morale, and higher morale ultimately leads to higher productivity.