The Managed Call Lists tab has been revamped for greater functionality and ease of use. Here’s a deeper dive into what’s new!

Search & Sorting

All columns for both agent activity and existing lists are sortable by ascending or descending order. For example, agent data can be sorted by name or idle time while call lists can be sorted by name or creation date. Agent data and call lists now have search capabilities, so you can search for an agent by name or a specific call list without having to tab through multiple pages.

Idle Time

Idle time is now color-coded for readability.  Agents who have been idle from 3 minutes to 9.9 minutes will be highlighted in yellow. Agents who have been idle 10 to 20 minutes will be highlighted in pink. Agents who reach 20 minutes idle time will be automatically disconnected so as not to waste dialer time if they forget to disconnect from the system when they step away from their desks.


The “update data” button will refresh your Dialsource usage data in real time to reflect current connections and usage (data does not currently update automatically). The links for Call Whisper, Call Monitor, and Agent Hangup have been replaced with buttons. When a Call List is deleted or refreshed, an alert pops up describing the change that has just been made, and the page will automatically refresh to provide up-to-date data.

This is the latest in an upcoming series of customer-centric updates, designed to further enhance DialSource user transparency and productivity.