DialSource Nominated for the Edison Awards!

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We are on a roll this year! Our team is thrilled to announce to you that DialSource is an Edison Award Nominee. Recognized for our innovative services, dedicated to providing our clients the most current and effective sales acceleration software, we are proud to be in the running amongst many other talented companies for this prestigious award. Our brilliant team has been working around the clock to develop DialSource to the best that it can be with the newest features to ensure that your sales team is always on top of their game. Wish us luck!

What is the Edison Award?

The award is named after Thomas A. Edison, “whose extraordinary new product and market development methods made him a household name across the world.” Around since 1987, countless talented companies including LG Electronics, Lenovo, 3M, Braun, and Waze have been honored with the award for their products and services. The award seeks out creative new innovations that hold a unique position and offers a “game-changing” solution to human needs.


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