Paycor Selects DialSource Denali to Accelerate Sales Process and Improve Call Quality

Paycor Selects DialSource Denali to Accelerate Sales Process and Improve Call Quality

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DialSource Denali helps Paycor’s inside sales team reach peak performance through carrier-grade telephony and automated solutions

DialSource, the leading provider of telephony-based solutions for Salesforce and MS Dynamics, announced today that Paycor has chosen DialSource as its partner in sales acceleration technology. Built to bridge the gap between CRM and telephony, DialSource Denali’s carrier-grade telephony stack and automation technology will help Paycor improve the efficiency of its entire inside sales team.

“That was our biggest pain point,” said Tyler Ditto, Salesforce Administrator for Paycor. “We needed an application that could provide great call quality.”

Unlike other sales acceleration applications, Denali is built on DialSource’s custom, carrier-grade telephony stack, which prevents the loss of audio quality associated with cloud communications platforms like Twilio.

Prior to Denali, Paycor had previously used and Velocify Pulse, but experienced integration issues with Salesforce and poor call quality.

“We had a lot of issues with Velocify from day one of implementation,” said Ditto. “It was a very process-intrusive application and our teams had a very difficult time picking it up. There were some functionality issues, as well. We were just not getting the call quality we needed. It was constantly fuzzy or breaking out. It just left a really bad prospect first-call experience for everybody, not just the reps, but also the people they were calling, including clients.”

Denali helps businesses make outbound sales calls and receive inbound customer service calls more efficiently by automating processes that take up over 60% of an average agent’s day. By condensing these activities down to a single click, Denali decreases the amount of time spent per call and amount of documentation errors.

“We wanted something to help make our inside sales team high velocity, to give them the advantage and put time back in their day. We also wanted to find an application that can give us some data points that we really need on the leadership side so we can make business decisions and be agile with the team.”

In addition to better call quality and efficiency, Denali’s native Salesforce architecture was a big selling point for Paycor’s management team.

“Denali is native to the Salesforce platform and we feel like we have the admin power here that we can be successful with DialSource and not be handcuffed by the company we buy the application from. We kind of felt like that with Velocify and that was a problem, where we didn’t feel our admin team and our developer team were empowered to be successful with the application. DialSource is a huge win for us because it’s something where we know we have some good admins on staff and we can hit a home run with this application.”

“We are thrilled to be in partnership with a leader in customer services and success within their respective space,” said Joshua Tillman, CEO at DialSource. “Paycor and DialSource share a commitment to an even higher level of customer success and engagement. That’s why we’ve built Denali in such a way that it enables a reliable and sustainable methodology to engage more accurately and quickly with the correct person at the right time.” DialSource launched Denali in November 2016 and has since attracted over 4,000 users.

About DialSource:

DialSource is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company that engineers solutions that accelerate sales communication and improve customer experience. With a vision to help maximize the potential of businesses through telephony technology, DialSource created Denali for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to enable organizations everywhere to easily develop, deliver and manage engaging sales experiences and improve customer experience through enhancing CRM. To date, DialSource has enhanced millions of interactions at more than 1,000 educational institutions and corporations throughout the world. Learn more about Denali for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics at

  • 2013 SalesForce Dreamforce Conference “30 Most Powerful Apps” winner
  • 2015 Red Herring Global list of the Top 100 Companies to Watch
  • Business Intelligence Group’s 2016 BIG Innovation Awards “Product of the
  • CIO Applications’ Top 25 Salesforce Solution Providers for 2017

About Paycor:

More than 30,000 medium-sized and small businesses trust Paycor to help them manage their most valuable asset—their people. Paycor is known for delivering modern, intuitive recruiting, HR and payroll solutions, but what makes them legendary is their singular focus on helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and HR professionals make a real difference in their organizations. Paycor’s personalized support and user-friendly, scalable technology streamlines every aspect of people management, giving clients the peace of mind to focus on what they know best, their business and their mission. Paycor is recommended by today’s most innovative brokers, bankers, and CPAs.

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