How to avoid “delete” when B2B selling.

  1. Keep in mind that a listener’s attention is gained or lost within the first 5 seconds of the voicemail
  2. Don’t reference failed contact attempts
  3. Avoid generic openings by immediately introducing a tailored value proposition
  4. Keep language short and sweet, around 15-30 seconds
  5. Project enthusiasm
  6. Embrace a natural conversational tone with organic pauses
  7. Research the company beforehand
  8. Run a social media scan for a birds-eye view of ongoing projects, recent news, company acquisitions, etc.
  9. Identify the company’s key pain points and how your product solves them
  10. Make a connection; mention an industry-trending topic or recent company project they will easily recognize – familiar language piques listener focus
  11. Pace yourself
  12. Don’t sell, it’s not the time – focus on demonstrating company value
  13. Mention a future follow-up date
  14. Close with your company name & contact information