2017 Trends: Predictive Analytics & More

*Update* We’ve added info from 2018 trends as well.

Keeping up with trends in the market and consumer behavior is crucial to finding continued success in the sales industry. Understanding how to capitalize on those shifts is even more important. Forbes and Business 2 Community (B2C) both recently published their lists of the Top 10 Sales/Business Trends to watch for in 2017. We’ve selected just a few of their selections to highlight how DialSource can help you stay on top of the industry in the new year.

Predictive Analytics

Analytics are an important element of a good sales strategy; agents want to know when to call certain leads and why. As we move further into the 21st Century, the extent of the analytics to be gathered and the power behind them continues to grow. Predictive analytics make it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t. At what times are certain leads answering? What sort of call duration is leading to positive results? How many calls does it take to see interest, and after how many calls is it actually safe to assume your lead isn’t interested? Understanding this sort of data helps agents be more efficient with the time they spend dialing.

With CRM-native design and intelligent campaign management, DialSource makes this data even more valuable with powerful predictive analytics. Whether in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, DialSource automatically tracks every call, keeping records of connections, duration and interest and automatically updating every record accordingly. As the platform is entirely cloud-based, this information follows every lead and integrates with related records, such as accounts and opportunities.

Run reports to see this information and determine who is answering when, who is responding to shorter or longer calls, and how many calls are needed on average based on your campaign. Dialing modes including DialSource Mode and Preview Mode rearrange your campaigns in real-time based on this same data, keeping the best prospects at the top of your list. DialSource’s predictive analytics is a powerful tool to help your agents perform more efficiently and close more deals.

Integration of Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales teams don’t always get along. In fact, it’s probably more likely that they don’t. But in the Age of the Customer, consumers continue to gain power in the sales process, and according to Forbes, alignment between sales and marketing is vital. Consumers want to feel like they’re in control – they want to know they have authority in the sale.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by allowing your prospects to do their own research and form their own conclusions through your content. Developing the best content, though, means your sales and marketing teams are on the same page. Content marketing and nurturing is all about sending the right content at the right time – white papers, case studies, and even blog posts can help prospects understand a product’s worth and solutions offered. In order to have the right content, your marketing team needs to know what the right content is.

DialSource’s automation and analytics make it easy for both teams to see what’s resonating with potential customers. DialSource tracks every touchpoint and logs data directly into Salesforce, ensuring that information follows each lead and integrates with every relevant record and remains accessible for the team. Based on interactions, content and lead response, data builds to show what content topics are getting good responses from leads and what’s falling flat. This equips marketing with better focus when it comes to the right content to develop, and sales with a better idea of the right times to send it. Aligning your sales and marketing teams will ensure your business is ahead of the game, and DialSource can help you do just that.

Marketing Automation

As we’ve just discussed, marketing has become more and more important to a successful sales team as consumers continue to gain power in the sales process, as has developing transparency between marketing and sales teams. According to B2C, automated marketing will soon be a critical aspect. Sending the right content to your leads at the right time is necessary, and automating that process is even better. Fortunately, DialSource can help you with all of that, too. Automated marketing can be applied in a number of ways, including content management and social media. As a sales acceleration software, DialSource is an effective resource for automating marketing tasks in sales; namely, sending voicemails, emails and content.

Building off of its CRM-native design, automation capabilities and analytics, DialSource is capable of automating such tasks. While DialSource is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, it is deeply customizable, allowing agents to create a number of unique dispositions to indicate a lead’s level of interest and to carry out certain tasks accordingly. These dispositions can be equipped with email templates and pre-recorded voicemails that have proven to work with the interest level. Is a certain piece of content consistently pushing prospects along through the sales cycle once they’ve warmed up? Craft and associate an email sharing that content with a unique disposition, and DialSource will carry out your follow-up for you. Develop your own custom dispositions with the proper actions, and DialSource will drastically reduce the time spent on post-call tasks while still developing the relationship with your leads, shortening sales cycles and allowing a greater focus on real-time interactions.

The landscape of the sales industry and consumer behavior is always developing, continually changing, shifting back and forth and between different trends, strategies and modes of thought. This idea will once again prove true in 2017, perhaps more dramatically so. The key to excelling in sales is not simply adapting to these changes, but capitalizing on them. Understanding what those trends look like is the first step. But what will you do to excel? How are you going to change your game plan to conquer the new year?

Start by utilizing DialSource. Taking advantage of the growing access to data allows your agents to spend their time more effectively. Integrating your sales and marketing teams will lead to better content and better use of it, which will drive in new leads and better-nurtured prospects. And automating marketing tasks in sales will accelerate sales cycles and save time for your agents. Through potent predictive analytics, CRM-native design, cloud-integration, intelligent campaign management and incredible post-call automation, DialSource can help you with all of this, and much, much more. Make 2017 your year with DialSource.