DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics

CTI built for teams using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automate your current workflows, eliminate manual data entry and enable your customer-facing teams to perform all call-related tasks directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Three Key Benefits
DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics
Make and Receive Calls With Ease

Connect all of your call processes within Dynamics 365 and trigger automation that eliminates the need to update your CRM, log call activities, or complete follow up tasks.

DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics
Connect Activites to Outcomes

With custom reports native in Dynamics 365, all call analytics, post-call dispositions, and agent performance metrics are available in your current reporting tools and dashboards.

DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics
Work Within Dynamics 365

Allow your agents to work from a single pane of glass. Engage your customers and prospects from within the Dynamics 365 platform, keep your data inside of your CRM, and maintain one system of record.

DialSource Call Campaigns

DialSource Call dispositions

DialSource Dynamic Lead Distribution

Click to dial

Dynamic Call Campaigns

Take the guesswork out of your agents’ day. Prescribe who, why, and when to call across any number of campaigns. Assign specific campaigns to each agent group and dial using a local presence with our Regional ID feature.

Custom Dispositions

Standardize call outcomes to improve reporting capabilities. Drive custom CRM automation through a simplified interface. Display different dispositions based on the user role, department, or stage of engagement. Develop dispositions that trigger with or without placing a call.

Dynamic Lead Distribution

Improve your speed to lead time from hours to seconds. Notify reps in real-time when inbound leads arrive, calling them within moments. Drive leads from marketing automation software, web forms, your CRM, or any other tool. Screen pops put the lead information at your fingertips as you call.


Click on any phone number inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and immediately place a call. Use our Dial pad to place a call to any number, even if it doesn’t exist in the CRM. Accidentally use the dial pad to call a CRM contact? DialSource will find the lead or contact and let you link the call to the right place.
aa isp topserviceprovider2020
DialSource receives AA-ISP’s 2020 Service Provider of the Year Award
DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics
Simplify work—automate post-call tasks and field updates

Manage user groups, call configurations, and agent performance directly within Dynamics 365.  Trigger your existing Dynamics 365 automation rules and streamline workflows with the click of a button to increase efficiency. Maintain Dynamics 365 as your primary workspace for all customer-facing teams.

Ensure that your teams have a reliable connection

Give your teams a tool they can trust. Our telephony infrastructure maintains reliable call quality across every agent no matter the scale of the deployment. Users connect to DialSource Denali through any device that has a dial tone and are able to immediately get to work making and receiving calls—serving customers, creating support tickets or closing deals.

DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics
DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics
Works across every Microsoft Dynamics 365 application

DialSource Denali supports the workflows and requirements of Dynamics 365 for sales, service, support and high-volume call centers. Simplify the agent experience, promote the utilization of CRM, and utilize one CTI solution across all customer-facing teams.

Keep all of your data and reporting within a single platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is your system of record, so we keep your data there. Maintain security and compliance without relying on your data to sync. Comply with Do Not Call regulations and policies effortlessly while capturing call recordings and storing them within Dynamics 365. Improve process adherence by requiring field updates and post-call dispositions to drive CRM behaviors and process automation.

DialSource Denali for Microsoft Dynamics

“DialSource allows our sales people to work more efficiently by serving up the most high priority accounts and automating the processes of creating meetings, opportunities, tasks, and more.”


– Justin Petkus

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