High Velocity Sales + DialSource

Everything your team needs to sell, inside of Salesforce.

Combine the power of DialSource’s CTI with High Velocity Sales to turbocharge your sales calls.

DialSource brings calls and automation to your cadences and workflows. Orchestrate omnichannel cadences in one seamless workspace to connect with leads and contacts in record time. Unlock the full potential of Salesforce Sales Cloud with DialSource + Salesforce High Velocity Sales.

Simplify the way you sell.
  • Leverage a single workspace for all of your sales activities.
  • Streamline your sales reps’ day with prioritized Call Campaigns and Work Queues.
  • Leverage email, voice, and SMS from a single screen to increase conversations.
  • Automatically log every inbound and outbound interaction and outcome directly in Salesforce.
Very simply, a better workflow.

As a native application right inside Salesforce, DialSource works seamlessly with High Velocity Sales. Your inside sales reps have a single workspace designed for sales engagement, without having to learn another platform. Cadences trigger DialSource phone calls, and the dispositions of those calls drive your cadence forward.

Your call campaigns just got smarter.

DialSource call campaigns work with Einstein Lead scoring to surface the warmest leads, and cadences to deliver the right message at the right time. Your reps will always know who to call and when to call those leads for the best outcomes.

Calm those inside sales jitters.

Not all phone systems are created equal. Your inside sales teams rely on their ability to connect with prospects over the phone. DialSource is the highest quality, most reliable phone system for Salesforce. Period.

Connect with leads, whenever and wherever they want to talk.

Transform Salesforce into an omnichannel sales engagement workspace and orchestrate cadences that include capabilities for inbound and outbound calling, personalized email, two-way SMS, and more.

Bring focus back to your team’s day.

With less than one-third of a sales rep’s day spent selling, it is critical to simplify the process, minimize the number of windows open and help your reps focus on what matters most — creating conversations. DialSource allows your sales operations team to leverage all of your current sales force automation and build upon the processes and tools you already have developed within Salesforce.

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