Developing a Successful 
Revenue Engagement Strategy:

How to increase deal velocity and improve revenue efficiency.

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In this guide, Developing a Successful Revenue Engagement Strategy, you’ll learn the foundations needed to:

  • Audit your current sales process.
  • Scale sales engagement across the entire customer journey.
  • Leverage sales engagement technology to increase deal velocity.
  • Achieve revenue efficiency without increasing headcount.

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A survey by Forrester Consulting, a leading analyst firm, found that 79% of buyers prefer to self-educate online before engaging with a sales rep. Salespeople have begun to shift the way they sell to adapt to changing buyer behaviors. To help shift to a digital-first sales model, enterprises have leaned on sales engagement technology to engage buyers in a personalized multi-channel approach at scale. Download this book to ensure you have the proper foundation to set up a successful revenue engagement strategy and maximize the benefits that come with scaling engagement across the customer journey.

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“B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales, marketing & customer success operations achieved 24% faster growth and 27% faster profit growth over a three year period.”


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