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Virtual AA-ISP Chicago Chapter Meeting:

How PAYCHEX and The LA Clippers Transitioned 1000's of Reps To WFH

Sponsored by DialSource

No more thoughts and theories, this is about real-life action. We partnered with the AA-ISP Chicago Chapter to host a panel discussion to learn about the crisis plans and strategies being used by real companies to help minimize loss, support WFH, and accelerate through the uncertainty of COVID19.

Listen to our panel and learn from Denise Drake of Paychex, and Jason Green of the L.A. Clippers; leaders across both Fortune 500 and Professional Sports organizations. Hear first-hand accounts of how they dealt with Work From Home orders, how they have empowered their reps, what tech they are using, what metrics they are tracking, and the actual strategies they are using to maintain or increase their customer base. 

Make sure to check out the AA-ISP Knowledge Center to get access to the best inside sales thought leadership, best practices, and resources!

Manager, Sales Enablement
"We had a lot of our IT organization working to get all of our service providers on to new technology and make sure the call routing and all of that was happening. While other teams were doing this for days and days, our team had already been working. Reps were plugged in up and running with the calls routing, just the way that they were, you know, seven hours before, but now in the work from home environment.
We literally went home one night and then the next morning plugged in and all the calls routed the way that they did the day prior."

VP, Ticket Sales & Service

"DialSource is a huge tool for us and big part of our success as we transitioned to work from home. I was actually talking with our team President about this the other day... DialSource has been really key for us. It's really holding everything together in terms of… you know, as an NBA team, work from home is something that never really existed for us."

Chapter President

Director, Business Development

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Virtual AA-ISP Chicago Chapter Meeting: How PAYCHEX and The LA Clippers Transitioned 1000’s of Reps To WFH

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Virtual AA-ISP Chicago Chapter Meeting: How PAYCHEX and The LA Clippers Transitioned 1000’s of Reps To WFH

Features for Enterprise-Level Communications

DialSource seamlessly connects any phone system or dial tone with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver a complete, real-time view of all customer data for sales, service, and support teams. Easily automate workflows, increase your agents’ connection rate, and improve productivity from a single CRM workspace.

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