Sales Engagement Strategies from the Experts

From Targeting to Enabling Personalized Outreach at Scale

Gone are the days where a simple mail merge or email blast would be enough to engage your buyers. Sales and marketing technologies have evolved over the last decade giving sales reps the ability to find high-propensity prospects and engage them with hyper-personalized buyer engagement across the entire customer journey. The key is knowing what engagement strategy to use for each stage of the buyer’s journey so you can put the human touch back into the B2B customer experience.

Tim Harris

Tim Harris

VP of Marketing

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Joe Venuti

Director of Inside Sales

Armen Zildjian

VP of Sales

Matt Amundson

VP of Marketing and Sales Development

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The Sales Engagement Strategies: From Targeting to Enabling Personalized Outreach at Scale webinar will cover:

  • How to use intent data to target high-value accounts
  • When and how to use direct mail in sales to move people forward 
  • The best way to humanize SDR engagement that leads to more booked meetings
  • Tips to power up your CRM with engagement data to enable your reps

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